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Holli B.  5 review stars

“We love our Equine Omega Complete! It helps my gelding be his very best and we are so thankful for you all!”

Jessica M.  5 review stars

“My mare was not performing at her best and I knew it. She was showing signs of ulcers, her muscles were tight, and her coat was a little dull. I scheduled an appointment with my vet. He completed his exam. We decided to do some blood work. The results showed that her Vitamin E was low. We started treatment for her ulcers. He recommended that I try Equine Omega Vitamin E.

I have been using O3 Animal Health products for over 2 years now. I use it on all my horses now. My mare is clocking consistently, in the 1D-2D. I have not had any issues with ulcers, muscle tightness or her coat. She has lengthened her stride and feels amazing!! I do and would recommend O3 Animal Health to everyone.”

Marcia S.  5 review stars
“Our five horses are all on Equine Omega Complete. They all have beautiful coats, healthy skin, and sound minds and bodies! Thank you for a great product!”

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5 review stars

Thousands of Five Star Reviews

Kimberly T.

“Equine Mega Gain works fast. Horses love the flavor. You get shine and weight gain. Outstanding product!”

Ella P.

“The Mega Gain product, and I have seen such an improvement in their overall body condition. My jumping horse dropped tons of weight and muscle last spring due to having some time off, and as soon as I started using Mega Gain, I saw a huge improvement in him in just one week. We couldn’t believe it. I have never used such a fast-acting supplement. Not only does it help horses gain weight and muscle faster than I’ve ever seen, but it makes a huge difference in their overall coat condition. Thank You. My horses have never looked better.” 

LaRita M. 

“I have an OTTB who is a very hard keeper. He is 18 hands and is usually very nervous and into everything he shouldn’t be. He has gained healthy weight on the Mega Gain product but most of all he is so much calmer. Like a different horse. I will always keep him on this!”

Cathy D. 

“My horse on Equine Mega Gain, one thin IR mare with Laminitis is on the Mega Gain, one-month heathier hooves with more growth! Shiny winter fur and great attitude. Totally in love with this product!”

Katie T. 

“I recently got a horse off the track and spent six months trying to put weight on him. My friend recommended Mega Gain and I was hesitant at first since I have tried everything else (weight gainer, senior feed, beet pulp, rice bran etc.) It’s now been a month and the results were surprising!! He no longer has ribs showing. It has been one month of being on Mega Gain. Thank you.“

Susan K. 

“Equine Mega Gain had practically brought my Appaloosa back to life! Love this stuff. He’s filling back out, his coat is better and his mane and tail are growing”

Lynn H. 

“I used the Equine Mega Gain with an older horse that was a very hard keeper which was skin & bones when we got her. Her coat is healthy, and she is at a healthy weight. I would recommend any of the O3 Animal Health products to improve the overall health of your horse.”

Cindi E. 

“The Equine Mega Gain is amazing. I can’t thank this company enough. You guys gave weight and life back to my 33-year-old quarter horse mare. Thank you!”

Shelby B.

I LOVE your products. Both my OTTB’s are on the Equine Mega Basic and it works very well! I’m moving them to the Complete product for peace of mind knowing that ulcers will be better managed with it.

Leira M.

 “I found you guys on Instagram and just HAD to get your oils. It is the best decision (when it comes to feeding) that I’ve made! I recently got an off the track Thoroughbred who has undergone a huge change in just two months, and I sincerely believe it is due to your supplement oils! He has been on the Equine Mega Basic for two months (going onto three) and he has gained so much healthy weight, his topline is looking fantastic and his coat is simply shiny with no other product. Not even a bath!”

Megan P.

“My OTTB Dasher loves his Equine Mega Basic. I have noticed a huge difference in him since he has been on it. His coat is shiny & soft despite it being winter and having to wear a blanket 24/7, his hooves are strong, and it has been much easier to keep his weight maintained.  Thanks for making such a great affordable product that works!!”

Tammy S.

“I’ve been giving my two rescues the Mega Basic. What an amazing difference! They both had plateaued on weight gain, and I was worried about atrophy on one of the eyelids of my gelding. He now looks like a stud muffin and is carrying himself with so much more confidence. My mare looks absolutely stunning as well.”

Ellen E.

“The transformation of this horse in 3 months is amazing. I started with the Equine Omega Complete but now have him on the Equine Mega Basic. I want to do something that is basic for his coat and top line.”

Natalia L.

“On day 3 of the loading dose of Equine Omega Complete, my boy felt well enough to go show with my daughter and win reserve pony at the fair. I am absolutely amazed at the change in just 3 doses. I was in the process of making the final decision for him and that has changed now. He was on Dex, Hydroxyzine, Albuterol Nebs multiple times a day, soaked hay and feed and was still struggling with his heaves. In just 3 doses it’s been a game changer for him. His heaves are about 30% better coughing about 30% better than before we started the product, and we aren’t even through the loading dose. I wish I had known sooner and could have saved him some suffering. Thank you, thank you!

Sarah C.

“I just wanted to say that I have had amazing results using your oils. I had a mare I COULD NOT get weight or top line on, I tried free choice alfalfa, senior feeds, weight gain supplements, and nothing helped, she looked the same. I decided to give your Complete product a shot and my mare hasn’t looked this good the entire time I’ve owned her!! She’s the shiniest, healthiest looking horse in her pasture now!

Bill R.

“I have used the Complete product since its inception, and the difference I see in my horses is extraordinary! These supplements do everything they say and more!”

Leonora F.

“I love your Complete product. INCREDIBLE results on my Friesian Cross!!!! Thank you so much!”

Chris B.

“I am loving your Omega Complete !!”

Kim H.

“I have been giving the Equine Omega Complete to my 28-year-old mare. When I removed her blanket, she looked wonderful. Weight was perfect, her coat was shiny, and she didn’t seem stiff when the farrier shoes her. I still ride her. The Equine Omega Complete also helps in her feed to prevent her from colic. She has had a history of colic, however since using this product we have had no issues.”

Shelagh D.

“I am very impressed with Equine Omega Complete!! My horses look great! I’ve had a horse who has difficulty with top line development, has always had a sparse mane, and a dull coat. She hasn’t ever looked better than she does right now! Thanks!”

Carly R.

“My entire barn loves your products! We run a program with everything from 2-year-old cowhorses to a few Grand Prix horses. Equine omega seems to have a fantastic product for all horses in any life or work stage. Thank you for creating this product!”

Rachelle W.

“Thank you so much for reaching out! I’m so excited about your Equine Omega Complete product and am in love with the customer service!!! My horses are licking their tubs clean!

Elyse H.

I have had my horse on Equine Omega Vitamin E for a month. I have to say that I am shocked at the results. I had not had him supplemented with vitamin E because our hay analysis said we didn’t need it, but I’ve seen such a giant change in his body while he’s on stall rest! He is somehow developing more of a top line while he’s not even working! Thus, proving that there was a hole in his program that your supplement has filled. I can’t wait to see what he’s looking like when we can get back to work. I am really impressed by your product.”

Abby L.

“I am so floored over the Equine Omega Vitamin E!! My EPM gelding has been on it a week now and I know it may sound crazy but I swear I can tell a huge difference in him. He is brighter eyed than I’ve seen in 6 months. His hair coat already has a sheen to it. Thank you so much!!”

Katie H.

“I’ve recently dealt with one or two horses with neurological issues and have had amazing results with your Equine Omega Vitamin E. My Heaves horse is doing much better than she has in recent years on it, and my client’s PSSM horse is really thriving. Not to mention that my FEI horse has really changed in the way that she moves while on it! Thank you guys for your dedication and hard work! We will continue to use your products and refer all of the clients to them.”

Darcy M.

“One of my clients has been using your Equine Omega Vitamin E for almost a month. It has made a dramatic difference in the size of her horse’s hives. The horse is much more comfortable.

Concetta A

“I’ve been seeing great results with our 18-year mare. She was diagnosed with EPM & then Polyneuritis. It’s been 2 months since being on your Equine Omega Vitamin E product and she eats her grain with no problems. She is now back to work. Thank you!”

Megan P.

​​“All of my horses are on your products, and they look amazing. I have a few on the Equine Omega Vitamin E product, the ones with Cushing’s and the show horses are on the Vitamin E product and the retired ones all get the Equine Omega Complete. We are really pleased with both products!”

Jennifer T.

“I have experienced horses with anhidrosis through the years and nothing  I ever tried worked, and I tried everything you can imagine. When I recently had another horse to stop sweating (we live in the south), I started her on the Mega Sweat. Boy was I surprised! I honestly tried it with great skepticism, hopeful, but highly doubtful anything would help enough to ride in the summer again. The Sweat  product completely restored my horse’s ability to sweat. That product really is a life saver!! I recommend it to anyone to try. I am so grateful your company created this very effective product!”

Kelly C.

“My 14 year old mare stopped sweating. I started my mare on Equine Mega Sweat, she began sweating in 24 hours! Two weeks from that day we were at another team roping! You guys are my answered prayers!! I have kept her on Equine Omega Complete to this very day!! Thank you!!”

Brandon K.

“Update.   I started giving her the mega sweat about 2 days after our last email.  She had some sweat going on less than a day later. We are getting close to the end of the gallon and I’m fixing to start her on the complete.  Yesterday my daughter rode her doing a mix of walking , trotting , and  running barrels and she was sweating what I would consider normal.  This stuff works.”

Susan M.

“We started our horse on Equine Mega Sweat in March.  On recommendation of your nutritional consultant, I also concurrently changed his feed out to a low starch variety.  The Mega Sweat and the feed change made a noticeable difference, enough that I felt I should continue to see what would happen in the Florida summer heat and humidity. We are now on his fourth gallon of Omega Complete following the Mega Sweat, and he sweats more and more and more as the weeks go on!!  It’s incredible! Thank you!”

Becky L.

“Wanted to give you an update on our horse and using Equine Mega Sweat. He has been on it for almost a week and is showing signs of sweating. Yippee!! After two doses we went out to do some groundwork and started to see him sweat a bit. Went out yesterday morning and did more groundwork and we had sweat on the chest and under his mane. Feeling so relieved. Another helpful sign is that his mane and tail have become softer and there are no more flakes (a sign of a non-sweater). This is my 3rd summer with him, and I have been doing everything to get rid of the flakes. I am loving the product and so glad I ordered it for him. Thanks!”