We get email everyday from our customers telling us about their results. Enjoy!

“Excellent products!” John A.

“Thank you for making an amazing product! We were using two to three different products on my 7-year-old AQHA gelding and this spring we switched to Equine Omega Complete and have quickly seen a huge difference.” TJ L.

“I’ve been seeing great results with our 18 year mare. She was diagnosed with EPM & then Polyneuritis. It’s been 2 months since being on your Equine Omega Vitamin E product and she eats her grain with no problems. She is now back to work. Our barn manager was the one who told me I should give this a try since my mare stopped eating a powder supplement we were on.” Concetta A.

“We just got our 4th shipment in today of Equine Omega Complete. Our boy is a hard keeper with allergies and we love this product.” Cristi H.

“Thank you so much! I absolutely love your products!! I have tried several supplements to help my 20 year old Friesian with EPM. I bought the Omega Complete Vitamin E with amazing results!! She has gained weight, top line filling in, is way more comfortable, moving better, beautiful coat etc. She eagerly awaits her dinner as well! She will be on this supplement for the rest of her life!!!” Julie B.

“I wanted to email you directly, as I am ABSOLUTELY in love with your product!!! I have been using it on my 19 yo thoroughbred, who has had some issues in the past, and with you product Equine Omega Complete, he has become shiny and silky smooth, in addition to changing his eating and acting behavior!!! I am obsessed with your product, and am actually using it on both my horses (my other horse is a 6 year old import) and his coat has NEVER LOOKED BETTER!!!” Nadia Vaughan

“I just put my horse on the Omega Complete and after about a week and a half, I cannot believe how fast it worked! Her hind legs/heels were covered in scratches, bleeding all the time despite my using sunscreen and covering them. Within a week and a half on the Omega Complete, every bit of those scratches disappeared. Best of all, I bought it for her heaves and she is breathing a whole lot better. My 20 year old mare feels much better and is doing wonderfully now! Thank you for your product!” Kathy L.

“I have seen real results with my 19 yr. old quarter horse mare. Having a limited grazing area makes it necessary to supplement with Vitamin E and Selenium as well. Very happy.” Jennifer C.

“All of my horses are on this stuff and they look amazing. I have a few on the Equine Omega Vitamin E , the ones with Cushing’s and the show horses are on the Vitamin E product and the retired ones all get the Equine Omega Complete.” Megan P.

I am a DVM and have recommended your products on many occasions. Everyone that has used them has been pleased so far. Thanks!” Eric S., DVM

“I absolutely love this supplement! My EPM diagnosed gelding (now cured) was given Equine Omega Vitamin E along with Protazil and the results were incredible! His stiffness went away, he plays and is happier, and he moves out much better under saddle he almost feels too good. I feed it to my 18 month old TWH colt and he looks great as well. It lasted me a little over a month and I have seen Better results with this than Emcelle.” Breama C

“Wanted to give you an update on our horse and using Equine Mega Sweat. He has been on it for almost a week and is showing signs of sweating. Yippee!! After two doses we went out to do some groundwork and started to see him sweat a bit. Went out yesterday morning and did more groundwork and we had sweat on the chest and under his mane. Feeling so relieved. Another helpful sign is that his mane and tail have become softer and there are no more flakes (a sign of a non-sweater). This is my 3rd summer with him and I have been doing everything to get rid of the flakes. I am loving the product and so glad I ordered it for him. Thanks!” Becky L.

“We absolutely love the oil. It made such a big difference in our horse. Everyone compliments how good he looks and now most of the other horses at our barn are using the oil also. Highly recommended this product!!” Melanie P.

“More even tempered and no colic episodes — shiny healthy coats and just generally better disposition and well-being. I would not go without it. My one horse has Cushing‘s and Equine Omega Complete has especially helped him keep his coat normal and shiny – just a great product in my opinion and the only product I‘ve ever used that I actually see improvements on my horses.” Verena M.

“This testimonial comes with so much appreciation to those who developed Equine Omega Complete. My be-loved 5 year old mare developed Anhidrosis, and for the past 2 years I had to board her during the summer months, so she’d be in front of a fan as much as possible, since both my horses have been pasture boarded since getting them. I tried every product out there, including Equine Mega Sweat, nothing worked for her. So, one day I commented on a Facebook post, sharing my skepticism. To my surprise, the owner of the company reached out to me, and promised me he could help my girl, he even sent me more product at no charge (mind blowing, right?) Well, I am thrilled to tell the world, THIS PRODUCT WORKS!! You just need to stick with it. My girl began sweating midway through the second gallon jug; also, my other horse (like others here) has EPM, and he has definitely benefited from this great product as well. THANK YOU, EOC!!!!” Merri B.

“I just wanted to thank you for the amazing product!  My now 5 year old OTTB is absolutely flourishing, due in part to EOC!!  I got him as a 3 year old and your product has really helped with his weight, top line, and gut health. He dropped a bit of weight last fall and one month of Equine Mega Gain put weight right back on him. Thank you again, we are customers for life!!” Wendy D.

“My name is Will B. and I own Coast to Coast Equestrian in NJ.  I have been using your Equine Omega oils for about a year now and I can’t express how impressed I am. I first put my derby horse on the Equine Omega Complete and I almost immediately saw a difference in his coat and overall look. Unfortunately, after the first bottle I ran out and he was off of it for about 2 weeks at which point he started to go back to how he was before. I quickly put him back on and he shined right up and coat began looking even healthier. 
My second “success story” is my grand prix horse. When I bought him, he was skinny, and was constantly getting rubs from his halter, martingale, saddle, you name it.  I put him on the equine Mega Gain and he started gaining weight and all his rubs have disappeared and again his coat is so much healthier. Any doubts I may have had before I am a full believer in all your omega products.” Will B.

“Love this! My mare had bad allergies, runny nose, watery eyes but since putting her on Equine Omega Complete,  she has had no more watery nose or eyes! Not to mention her coat and overall demeanor has improved greatly! She will be on this for the rest of her life.” Trudie R.

“Best supplement I have ever used on my horse! It has completely turned her around. She is no longer heaving, her coat is glossy and dark plus, since I have had her on it, for the first time, all of her scratches disappeared! Amazing product. I’m getting low and will need to get a second jug of O3 Complete!” Kathy L.

“Love this product. I have used it for 3 days and already seeing great results.” Natalie V.

“This stuff works!! Been using 2 1/2 months. Sorrels welts and inflammation are better! 25 y/o rescue’s arthritis is better, her weight gain has increased, and she has a spring in her step! My 5 y/o seems calmer and a lot more focused! My buckskin isn’t showing ribs as she always has! And, of course they all shine like new penny’s despite needing baths! I am SOLD on this product!” Brenda D.

“I love the product!! I KNOW that my 20 year old horse moves better when on Equine Omega Complete.” Arlene E.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I love this product. EOC is hands down the best supplement I have ever fed, and I have pretty much used them all! My horses love it and they have never felt or looked better!! Very pleased with the quality and performance of this product. Definitely looking forward to many more future purchases!” Lexi M.

“The Mega Sweat product is incredible. Last summer was a nightmare (I am in AZ) and this summer has been HOTTER of because of your product my gelding is sweating well and totally comfortable. I can’t thank you enough!” Tessa E.

“I have had my show horses on this product for 5 years now. have tried 2 others always come back to this. no more switching!” Lynne Puthoff

“My horse is recovering from a ligament injury and I did lots of research to see what will help that I could feed her and Omega 3 oil was on that list. I saw the Equine Omega Complete and loved all the positive reviews so I got some. I have seen a change in the swelling of her leg after a month and couldn’t be happier! She eats it no problem and will be staying on it!!” Samantha Corey

“I started using Equine Omega Complete this year. We went through the whole summer without having a breakout of hives. My horses coat looks amazing, I’ve also noticed her tail looks better. I would recommend this product in a heartbeat.” Machelle W.

“I absolutely love the Equine Omega Vitamin E! All my horses look amazing and their coat is healthy and shiny! Also, the shipping from this company is fast! Overall a great company and a great product.” Susan Seffens

“I love this product! My horses are healthy and beautiful.” Jeanne Mather

“I’m very happy so far. Her coat is glowing her coat has not had her cooper color in a long time. She gets sweet itch so I started her now before the flies get bad I’m looking forward to seeing her results with a problem she’s had all her life. Thank you!” Karen P

“My 26-year-old (27 next month) has been Anhidrotic for the past couple of years. Other products would get him more comfortable (less hard breathing), but not actually sweating. I’m on the first gallon of Mega Sweat, and nothing happened after the first 72 hours, so I added the Oxy Cleanse, and the other day, he came in from the pasture with dried sweat on his neck, shoulders, and back.” Laura Freeman

“We have used the Equine Mega Sweat and it is the only thing that actually helped. Tried many things and worked with vet. Now horse is on Complete. Doing better every summer. We are headed into our 6th summer. He will probably never be “normal” but as I said better every year.” Sharon Bonner

“Love your products!! Definitely see a difference in behavior and appearance. Just over all great results!” Becky C.

“We have a 3/4 Arabian 1/4 saddlebred bought him 4 years ago for our daughter. He is 17 and we started Equine Omega Complete a year ago. He has never looked better his dapples are showing for the first time and he is hard to keep weight on but this product is cool calories not to make him hot.” Melissa B.

“First a big thank you! From my gelding Ranger! He is finally sweating after 3 summers in the central Florida heat. We tried everything and your product has put him back to sweating and he is feeling sooooo much better. He has had this problem for the last 3 years. He is from HPAF an equine rescue in Ocala, Florida. I checked with them to see what they did for non-sweating and she said to use Omega Sweat as it had worked for 99% of the horses she’s helped. Well it did help Ranger within the first week! Now we are using your Omega Complete as recommended with a back-up gallon of the Omega Sweat if he starts having trouble again. I want to thank you for a wonderful product!” Robin B.

“Good morning, Thank you so much! I absolutely love this oil. I have gone through a few of them before ordering myself via a friend and am hooked! My horses love it and they look amazing.Thanks again!” Melissa K.

“It’s liquid gold! Highly recommend EOC to all equines, especially performance horses! Worth every penny!! EOC has made huge differences in my mare. I just got a mini and I am starting her on it too. Can’t wait to see the difference in 30 days!” Amanda D.

“Hi there, I want to tell you that my 26 year old Thoroughbred has not seemed as active and colt like until he started on the Complete oil. His appetite is wonderful and he’s a picky eater and he eats every bit of his grain now. I am happy to see my old man back to being young at heart. I can’t wait to see other improvements will take place as we start on the second bottle. So glad I took the chance and ordered it for him. Take care!” Laurie D.

“O3 Animal Health has completely transformed my horse! His coat and weight look beautiful. He is not what I would call an easy keeper and this product has been essential in keeping his weight up. I’ve been able to take him off Ulcerguard safely and his eyes are brighter. I will never not have my horse on O3!” Jennifer K.

“I’ve had all my horses on this from day one. They all look amazing. I just recently switched my 23yr old Belgian to the Equine Omega Vitamin E product due to a bout with EPM last summer. He is making great strides to regain full health. Two of my mares that have been sent to my favorite trainer always get me asked about my feeding program. This product does exactly what it claims to do which is unfortunately rare in the supplement industry. I can personal attest to its efficacy. The customer service and support have always been outstanding. Any time I have a question they always have an answer right away. Thanks for making a product that actually works and benefits my horses so very much.” Rebecca Drennan

“This is by far the BEST investment I have made for my Mustang mare. Her overall health is amazing, her coat/mane/tail are glorious and even her anxiety has decreased immensely!” Lori Connell

“My horses lick their pans clean and are all shining like never before. Best product I have found for over all health. Equine Omega Complete.” Mary Miller

“Good Morning! I just have to tell you that I own the pickiest horse in the world, nothing interests her, she will take an entire day to eat one little scoop of grain if she even eats it. I am constantly changing her feed. Well, I tried your product but didn’t believe she would eat it, of course I orally dosed her the first few days as I didn’t want to waste it. So finally put some in her feed and I am shocked she has been eating all her grain for the past 3 days and all of it at her feeding time. I mean shocked I have never seen her eat like that and I have owned her 4 years. Thank you so much!”  Donna Calhoun

“Just ordered my second gallon. This time I chose the omega complete. I am very impressed with the Omega Sweat! It is the only thing that has worked for my 20 yr old gelding. We have went 12 years without success until your product. Thank you so much!” Dallas E.

“I’ve been feeding this for 8 months and have been really happy with it. My horses love it!” Abigail D.

“I have had my boy on the Equine Omega Complete for about 3 weeks now and people ask me all the time….What are you feeding this Horse??? LOL…of course I let them know where he gets his good looks from!” Manuela F.

“All three of my horses are on this product. 4, 11 and 22. Very happy with this product.” Kathy Lynn Anderson

“It worked! Two weeks on the Mega Sweat. Covered in sweat today after standing in the sun in 100 degree heat!” Tessa Etzioni

“Loving the product. My mom started her horse on it about five months ago. Her mare has bad allergies and is older. It made a huge difference in her coat and we noticed she had more energy. Just overall feeling good. Now we have all our horses on it.” Holly Scharmach

“This product is worth it! I actually paid a cheaper amount for a competitor’s product, what I thought was the same per the ingredients list, but my horse’s coat & hooves didn’t have the sheen or really healthy look I get with Equine Omega Complete. With the cheaper brand, I literally was throwing my money away. Absolutely love your product!” Stacey J.

“It’s an amazing supplement that truly speaks for itself.” Tess Nelson

“Amazing product, love it.” Cherise Manno

“LOVE EOC. I’ve given to my three geldings for the last 18 months & they look & feel great, even my 32 year old OTTB who has sweating issues.” Stacey Johnson

“We started her on this after using the mega gain on her earlier in the year. We are using the Complete hoping it will help her left hock problems involving her collateral ligament. She had some type of injury recently that has caused her lameness. Vet recommended we give it a try and so far, we’ve noticed a difference. Her coat is shining!  And she’s not as moody a mare. Her top line is also filling in nicely since having atrophy from being out of work. We’ve been recommending your products to everyone at our barn, especially the Mega Gain!” Amber

“I bought a little paint about a year ago, extremely ribby. I bought the Mega Gain, two gallons and that got me through about three months. He gained and turned out to be a beautiful horse, it seriously did wonders. Now I use the Complete, it’s a really great supplement natural ingredients!!” Debra Russell

“Worth every penny.” Sarah Torontow

“This is my other guy! Got him June 15th, he wasn’t quite as poor but extremely wormy and dull loss of some muscle tone and he shines and is putting on muscle and weight in the right places. I love this stuff.” Amanda Haake

“I have all my horses on this product… absolutely fabulous.” Romy Allen

“This product has done wonders for my horse. He was a rebel and now he is so much more relaxed and chilled. More focused on his work and more patient. The way he looks now compared to before he started taking Equine Omega Complete is a wonderful bonus. His tail and mane are strong. He’s softer to the touch and shinier. I tried to do without it and I honestly can’t due to of the differences I mentioned. Thank you for a great product.” Ana Maria McMillan

“I wanted to let you know that I have told everyone that I know who owns horses what a great product this is.  I am starting another one of my horses on it that does not have the best feet.  My farrier is highly impressed how well my Warmblood’s feet are growing and how great he looks. I gave my farrier the name of the product and she is going to order also. Thank you again for a wonderful product!!” Lisa Schafer

“I agree with all that I’ve read. This product has been super for my gelding. His demeanor is SO much better!” Tina Nichols

“We have so many success stories of horses feeling and looking better on Equine Omega Complete but this is my personal derby horse and he has truly benefitted from this product! He has an amazing coat, his hooves are strong, he has zero gut issues, and his energy has leveled out immensely! Thank you to EOC for helping all of our horses but especially my beloved Bryton!!” Brittany Massey – BTH Equestrians

“I have two horses on these products, one thin IR Laminitis mare is on the Mega Gain, one month heathier hooves with more growth! Shiny winter fur and great attitude. My new mare had a dry dandruff coat and brittle hooves. Two weeks later she shines in her winter fur like a copper penny with no brushing! Totally in love with this company!” Cathy Dorr

“I am completely sold and have become a believer after using the Complete for only three months. My horses looked great before and are groomed religiously along with eating top notch feed and hay so I was a bit skeptical about seeing a big difference but I was wrong. Wow— the horse that have been on Omega Complete for three months looks unbelievable. Even with their winter coats they are SHINING!  I am hopeful we can get the third horse on the product!” Olga P.

“One week and already seeing results on my 35 year old! Thanks to Kathleen I selected Equine Omega Complete versus the Mega Gain from the product line up, as he is a senior and needs more support. He was on another “similar” but not Complete oil before. Photos next week, amazing so far! The Complete is awesome!” Debi Kadilak

“This product is amazing. My young gelding has anxiety and possibly ulcers after a few months of using this product he’s thriving settled and showing zero signs of ulcers.” Tiffany Estabook

“I worked for an equine trainer last winter. This is a great way to see what a lot of different people like. Equine Omega Complete was a very popular choice so I tried it on my 28yo Throughbred and got great results. Highly recommend these supplements.” Cheri Hicks

“My horses love this in their grain. They eat it double time!” Luz Reiman

“Really like this stuff.” Linette Berget

“I’ve been feeding the Equine Omega Vitamin E for about 5 months now and am amazed by how great my horses look and the improved temperament. I will not be without this!” Mary Finney

“I feed it to all my horses every day and send a bottle home with every training horse. A local Veterinarian recommended it to me for some of my rehabs. After seeing the results on various breeds of horses in our care, I will never be without it. Totally believe all the results listed in their research.” Mary Rivers

“Excellent supplement.” Debby Cave

“So, I’m a huge skeptic on products. I have a 10 year old Canadian Warmblood who is a super hard keeper. I have struggled for years to keep weight on him. He fractured his face last year from a kick by a pasture mate. Antibiotics and stress caused him to drop weight. I’ve done all the weight builder supplements on market with little to no result. I found O3 Animal Health and I will let the pictures speak for themselves! This was 7 days on mega gain, 7 DAYS!!! I just got a 7 year old OTTB that needs weight and he will be starting Mega Gain tomorrow. This “liquid gold” is hands down the most amazing product out there! On top of the results for weight gain his coat is to die for. I will forever have this product in my barn!!” Kelly Boss

“It has made my horse look great. He actually looks black. I wonder sometimes if he should be on the one with vitamin E. He previously was on just a straight vitamin E supplement and he never looked this good.” Debby Handler

“Just received my 5th shipment today!!! Happy Ponies Slurped it up!!” Debra Russell

“Absolutely love this stuff!! Anxious to try the Eqine Mega Basic that I heard is coming soon.” Tina Thompson

“This product is helping my horse with “Shiver” symptoms. High doses of vitamin E and Magnesium has helped horses with this “possible” condition.” Brenda Ridenour

“Thanks for your email and the info. I wanted to let you know how awesome the Equine Omega Complete and the Equine Omega Vitamin E has been for my horses. One of my horses became very vitamin E deficient last year and vitamin E supplementation has been key in getting his body back to normal.  My second horse wasn’t in distress, but his body has drastically improved on the product.  I recommended the product to other barn mates (every horse we’ve tested has been found to be Vitamin E deficient) and, after getting such an outstanding report from the massage therapist last week, I recommended it to my trainer who is now offering it to all horses in the barn. The massage therapist is also recommending it other horses she works on, as she can literally feel horse’s muscles that are in need of Vitamin E after working on my horsed over the course of last year. I think this is a growing problem here in California, as our soil and therefor hay is deficient. Thanks for the great product!” Erika

“We started two months ago on this product . Absolutely love it. Fast delivery and they are always phone call away to help with shipping issues . Our horses are doing so great.” Jamie Gamble

“I have used this for two maybe even three years now!! My Vet recommended it for an ulcer horse with bad hocks. All my horses are on it, even Donkey that is around 30 years old. Won’t feed without it.” Leigh Ann Johnson

“I put my OTTB on Equine Omega Complete and can tell a huge difference in her in less than a week. She seems so happy!” Anne DelPapa

“I have always been leery about giving my horses supplements I see on social media. I want them to have everything they need but it’s very easy to slip into the “trends” especially the ones you see on Instagram. However, I decided to try a hard keeper on the Omega Complete oil and my mind was blown. From then on, every horse that came to my barn has been on it. I recently bought an underdeveloped 3 year old Throughbred who needs some weight so I cannot wait to see what he looks like in a month or two! And I will be ordering more once he gets through this container. Thank you so much for the personal customer service, it really goes a long way.” Hannah O’Bie

“I have had great results after using this product with my 24 year old mare with heaves. I’ve always been a skeptic regarding the claims surrounding “miracle” supplements but I am a total believer in the Complete!” Caryn Love

“Love this stuff.” Darra Lewis

“I introduced all of my horses at about an ounce of Equine Omega Complete at a time until they were accustomed to the new taste on their feed. I give 2 ounces at each feeding to add up to the 4 ounces suggested amount per day. Each and every horse at my barn (14 horses) had various issues, from dull haircoats, aches and pains, tummy issues or anxiety, or all of the above. I believe this product has minimized “colic type” issues as well. I do recommend that with confirmed ulcers, a Vet still advise on care. Need to heal an ulcer, then provide maintenance for maximum relief. Injuries and such need proper Vet diagnosis and care, the Equine Omega Complete has played an important role in all sorts of recovery. I feel the added vitamin E is crucial. This product is worth every penny.” Kathi Zellers

“I have seen a huge difference in three weeks for both of my geldings. They are two totally different quarter horses and I can see the changes; top line full and muscled, increased weight over hips and round butts. Very happy so far. Thank you!” Jodi Rogers

“The Equine Omega Vitamin E saved my horses life. He was diagnosed with a guttural pouch infection last March. With that the infection destroyed the nerve on the left side of his throat so swallowing became a huge problem. Vet recommended euthanasia, I took him home and mixed his antibiotics with your product three times a day. He was losing a ton of weight but once I kept up with the oil it carried him through the time it took to kill the infection. Without the oil I’m pretty sure he would of starved to death. He is now recovering from his tie back surgery and we think he will return to being a performance horse.” Nicole Roberts

“Great product, my horse no longer has muscles twitches and calm at barrel races. I’ve tried a lot of products this product exceeds everything I’ve been looking for.” Stephanie Middleton

“I actually am planning to put my show horse back on Equine Omega Complete as the results while she was on it were amazing and I have not found any other product that comes close to comparing. It’s a great product!” Nicki Baker

“I feed Equine Omega Complete. I only feed one pump a day because I have fat horses (a Welsh pony cross and a Haflinger). My welsh pony cross was put on this and a joint supplement and is sounder than he’s ever been… like skipping joint injections this year sound. And my Haflinger had a thick, dry, flakey coat and would get rain rot if he even got damp from snow and since being on this product he has had no dandruff and no rain rot and he’s actually shiny, even with all the fluff!” Emily Schroeder

“Just wanted to say I have seen your ads numerous times on FB. So I decided to try Equine Omega Complete. I have a 5 year old Hanoverian gelding. He’s been on it for about a month. Wow! He looks fabulous. His coat is black and shiny. He feels good. He was previously on a different straight vitamin e supplement. I recommend this to all my riding friends.” D. Handler

“I just wanted to let you know I got my order today and it was in perfect condition. Thank you for taking the extra care!  I truly appreciate it!  We really love and swear by your product for our horses. We used it for our 20 year-old gelding that we sold and now we have a new 11 year old Thoroughbred off the track and she’s been on it for a little over a month and you can totally tell the difference. Thanks again.” Jamie W

“Love this product!” Debby Cave

“We are giving it to our horse a year. We dealt with a lot of sensitive skin issues, rain rot, scratches, all gone, despite the wet weather.” Silvia Cole

“The combination of products is amazing. My Shivers horse (who is also 18 hands) is moving better than he ever has. The 40 year old has gained 150 pounds and the Vet says his feet look better than they have in years. The 26yo PPID/non-sweater is looking and acting a decade younger. He is handling the south Louisiana summer heat and humidity much better.” Joan Wjack

“I recently got a horse off the track and spent six months trying to put weight on him. My friend recommended Mega Gain and I was hesitant at first since I have tried everything else (weight gainer, senior feed, beet pulp, rice bran etc.) It’s now been a month and the results were surprising!! He doesn’t have all the ribs showing like he did a month ago.“ Katie Tarasevich

“The best stuff on earth! And they will auto ship! My entire herd is on it and what a difference it has made in every single horse of all ages, ranging from 4-28 years old. She is sound and she used to have to be on Bute just so I can have her feet trimmed. She maintains her weight all year round now and she sheds out. Seems to have reversed her Cushing’s. I used to have to body clip her every summer. Now the last two years she has shed completely out. She has an appetite and she feels happy. I love this product. It is great on young horses in training and show horses during travel.“ Suzie Worthington

“Awesome product! Equine Omega Sweat and Equine Omega Complete helped my horse tremendously.” Rhonda Arceneaux

“Every training horse and every horse I own are on Equine Omega Complete. I send my training horses home with a gallon. Totally trust this product and the research behind it.” Mary Rivers

“I have just started my 25 year old on this product, he has arthritis in one of his knees and one of his back legs, he was walking slow and stumbling. We are on day nine and it’s like I have knocked 10 to 15 years off of his age. Wow!!! I’ll be ordering another gallon this weekend! Wow!!!” Dee Young

“Fabulous product!! Have my barn of four on the Complete and am very pleased! Shiny coats and they enjoy the taste! Thank you for making a great product!” Tabitha Somers

“Two months into giving the Omega Complete. My dark bay TB is dappled now.” Lune Schafford

“Equine Mega Sweat is the only thing that got my 23 yr old TB sweating again thru the humid hot summer in Florida. The BEST!” Cheryl Parsons

“I have been using this product for about 8 months now and I was able to cut out some of the other supplements. I was giving my horses coat and hooves look wonderful and there mane and tails are growing, wonderful product.” Christine Bizakis

“My Arizona horses suffer from dry, itchy, flaky skin. Equine Omega Complete solves that problem and helps keep weight on my hard keeper. Great product!” Stephanie Giesbrecht

“I am very pleased with the Equine Omega Complete oil. I have an appaloosa gelding with serious itching to point of not being able to use him for mounted police work. He is one 2nd gallon of the Complete and doing amazing. He is back on duty and doing wonderful. He is 23 years old. Thank you for a great product.“ Dawn Sciolino

“Just ordered a second bottle. Arizona heat is tough and this product really helped!!! Mega Sweat! Works great! He is about 3 weeks in and started sweating this weekend. Within 48 hours the heavy breathing stopped. We tried three other things before this product and nothing worked. Was getting hosed off 3-4 times a day just to keep him cool.” Leslie Jones

“After one bottle of Equine Omega Vitamin E, I’m already seeing a difference in my gelding who had to undergo surgery recently. He’s on a long road to recovery and I can see this is helping him!” Carmen Wernimont

“We are so grateful for your product. Our mare has continued to sweat this summer after 7 years with Anhidrosis.  We gave her your Mega Sweat protocol last summer and have kept her on maintenance with Equine Omega all year.  She is STILL sweating – this is the first year I haven’t been super concerned for her well being as girls competed in 4H with her all the way thru regional competition – during the HEAT of the year.  We feel like your product has been her needed miracle.  We also have noticed an improvement with her skin as she suffers with gnat allergies.  Grateful!” Susan Wazny

“My horse loves this product, what a difference in her skin allergies.” Gabriele Colbert

“I started my 19 yr old barrel horse that developed heaves on it and it has done wonders for his coughing and making him overall healthier and can breathe easier, now it didn’t cure him but I don’t think anything will once they have it, but I was even able to ride him in August (which I have not done in 2 yrs because of the coughing) and trot and lope him for 30 minutes. I feel they is a big win in my book.” Lori Erwin

“Sure makes a difference in your horses!!! I feed it and have for years.” Rusty Eldridge

“If anyone has a horse that has breathing issues or allergy problems or someone who thinks their horse has heaves and has no chance. USE this!! It works and it’s certainly a miracle!! I had literally tried everything!! Just do it because it’s amazing!!” Samara Lee

“My quarter horse gelding has Cushing disease. After giving him the Equine Omega Complete he has all shed out. He has more energy and acts like his old self.” Judy Comfort

“This is an AWESOME supplement!! It is not the lowest cost on the market, but worth it!! My horse has never looked so good and his coat is so shiny!!” Nicole Tebano

“I absolutely love these products! My horses that are on it are performing better each day. I highly recommend trying it out. You will not be disappointed.” Jackie Ketsdever

“I use the Equine Omega Complete on my six show horses. They look stunning!” Linda Di Leva-Cooper

“I have my gelding on it. He looks and feels amazing!!!” Tammy Heotzler

“Equine Mega Sweat worked in days my horse started sweating, I combined it with your Oxy Cleanse powder. Thank you so much for making such incredible products! He is an older horse 20-24 so I’m really happy. We live in south Florida so this is really a lifesaver for my horse!” Sophia Orlovsky

“AMAZING PRODUCT!!! My horses have been on the Omega Complete for two weeks and seeing great results! Especially in my reining horse, moving more freely, brighter eye, improved body condition. Very happy with the product!!! Thank you!” Linda Elder

“I’ve been using Omega Complete on both my Horses, almost a year now!!! My horses look and feel great and my Vet loves it too.” Debra Russell

“Cured my Friesian of Anhidrosis! I’m definitely impressed because I tried everything.” Joelle Richardson

“I love this product!!!  I have had a problem with scratches on my Warmblood all summer.  This product and some steroids have really helped a lot.  His scratches have gone away and his coat is beautiful.  He seems to just have an overall better attitude than before.” Lisa Schafer

“I just wanted to let you know how much I love this product.  We have an 18 hand OTTB who is a VERY hard keeper.  He is also quite spooky.  This oil calms him down so much he is like a different horse.  Finally he is finally filling in his top line and is so much more focused during our lessons.  Thank you so much for a wonderful product!” LaRita Hohl

“The combination of omegas this product has was recommended for my horse prone to scratches. Not only has he not had an outbreak since using it, his coat is shiny and he is calmer. BONUS! So glad I discovered it!” Jennifer Byrd

“We love this supplement! It keeps our show horse looking amazing!!!” Kimberlee Tietz

“I’m so glad I put my horse on Equine Omega Complete.  It hasn’t been a month yet and I can see the difference.” Joy Calo

“I love Equine Omega Complete for my horse. Yes the coat shine is wonderful, but it has helped my horse with his anxiety. He thinks and is absolutely less stressed, nothing else has helped him.” Debra Russell

“I bought this yesterday for a little filly growing taller so fast she can’t keep her weight. She cleaned her tub.” Cynthia Balthazar

“Fabulous product. Recommend their products 100%. You will not regret buying this product for your horse. It is the best above all others.” Olex Beck

“EOC worked quickly and effectively on my mare!!” Sheila Gunter

“I have a horse that I got in for training that had horrible allergies and hives. He had had these for years! They had him on allergy shots, and that was the only way they kept him from breaking out in hives that were so bad they weeped and scabbed up! After starting him on Equine Omega Complete, all the hives went away and haven’t come back! Amazing product!” Dana Rae Hokana

“My yearling filly who’s been on Equine Omega Complete for about 3months and she looks FANTASTIC!! Thank you for providing such a wonderful product! LOVE this product! I switched from DAC oil and could not be happier! Outstanding results.” Tiffany Reihm

“I get told all the time that my horses look great and everyone wants to know what I do different. We take really good care of our horses and feed them really well, but so does everyone else.  Equine Omega Complete is the difference.”Jason Vanlandingham

“We have used Equine Omega Complete for years and can really appreciate how it helps our horses. We have every horse at our place on it from our show horses to our retired horses and their hair coats and condition look great all year round. It is easy to use and convent to travel to the shows. We highly recommend including it to your daily feeding program and you will see the results for yourself.” Jill Newcomb and Murray Griggs

“Amazing product!!” Dina Gagliano Hirsch

“I would definitely order some of the Equine Omega Complete product! My horse is lame without it. When I bought him his arthritis was getting bad (he was 17). I spent over 3k trying to figure out why he was so sensitive under saddle then one day he would do absolutely anything to not be ridden. I injected his hocks even and it only helped for 3 months. Added the Complete product, which has vitamin e in it to his food and within 15 days he was completely sound. It’s been 3 years now and I haven’t had one issue since, it’s a lifesaver!” Hannah Lee

“I LOVE MY OMEGA COMPLETE!!!! Hands down saved my horse.” Amber Barnhart

“I used the Complete on my old mare and it was amazing. I had no idea that it helped with allergies also. But I absolutely love this product.” Heather Major

“I just thought that I’d share! My mare most likely had a Vitamin E deficiency, not PSSM! Equine Omega Complete is AMAZING! Thanks for such a great product!” Erin DeGiacomo

“Love this stuff. Been feeding to my horses for two years.” Linda Weber

“Have been using the Equine Omega Complete product for over a year on my horse with heaves. It is amazing!” Robin Tyson

“Love this product! My horse has been on Equine Omega Vitamin E for almost a year after a bad EPM relapse. We are around the time he has relapsed in the past 3 years and he’s doing great! No signs on EPM relapse this year!” Rebecca Zude

“The non-sweating Cushing’s horse is sweating and his body shape is changing. The 40-year old now has a top line. His body parts all match again. And the Shivers horse is a completely different animal mentally and physically.  He’s still figuring out what to do with a hind end that is now connected to his front end. Their coats and feet look great. The chiropractor couldn’t believe how easy they were to adjust. My regular vet’s partner was out this week to see my mare who was a bit colicky (heat and monsoon rain). He hadn’t seen them in a while and was blown away by how good they looked.”  Joan Wojack

“I’d like to share my results this far even though I don’t have great photos. Treyjo is my 18 year young, kill pen rescue – paint gelding. I rescued him in December of 2017. After the winter months he looked terrible again, a total hard keeper. I tried several feed combinations & supplements, plus had his teeth floated before seeing your ad on Instagram. He’s been on the loading dose up until today. Now going into maintenance does. Today the farrier said his feet looked better than my other 3 horses and I noticed him shining like a copper penny! Just wanted to express my gratitude for this product. Thanks so much!” Tracy Petree

“I have only been using the Equine Omega Complete for one week and I already see a difference in my 3 horses’ coats. Its crazy! One week! I can’t wait to see all the other benefits taking effect.” Cheryl Downen

“Sinbad was diagnosed with Anhidrosis about 4 years ago.  It began with severe hives.  Once he recovered from the hives he began not sweating.  His coat became dull and dry.  I had the vet out and she recommended the traditional course of treatment.  This did not produce any positive results.  For two years this horse was basically unusable and I was very worried about him during the summers.  Last year I did get good results with a product on the market in addition to acupuncture.  This year I became concerned as he was starting off early spring with increased respiration rate and I knew I was going to have problems again.  The product that worked last year was not working.  So I decided to try Equine Mega Sweat. I used the product as directed but did not see positive directional results within the 24-48 hours.  I called for technical guidance and the owner of O3 Animal Health recommended top dressing the Sweat product with their Oxy Cleanse powder.  Once I finished the Mega Sweat I did transition over to Equine Omega Complete.  I began to notice an incredible

well-being and super shinny coat.  I rode this horse and noticed good directional improvement, sweating between back legs and chest.  Two weeks later I rode him on hot humid day and got excellent sweat even on neck!!  Additionally his respiration rate is normal. I cannot tell you how pleased I am. Thank you for the excellent product and the guidance.  I am now going to start another horse on this product to see what does for him.  He does not have any issues but love the way my first horse looks and behaves on this product. Thank you for the product and guidance!!” Pamela Schoenster

“Only had my 20 yr old barrel horse on the Complete product for 7 days, but can already see a difference. He was diagnosed with heaves about 2 years ago and last year was extremely hard on him. A regimen of Dex and Ventipulman was the only thing that would ease his cough that started in April. This year I read about Equine Omega Complete and the benefits of clearing the respiratory system and thought I would try it. He has only coughed about a dozen times and it is June. Also I was able to ride him and trot him for 20 minutes with only two coughs! He has a job again! And he looks great. Thank you for your wonderful product.” Lori Irwin

“This is wonderful stuff and my picky mare loves it.” Debby Cave

“I use EOC for my own horse as well. Best supplement I’ve used in almost 50 years as a professional trainer and exhibitor of World, National, and National High Point Champion Appaloosas!” Terri Klein

“This has really helped my horse!” Janet Moye

“EOC helps keep her sound, shiny, fat and happy! Worth every penny!” Amanda Delgado

“EOC is a wonderful product!” Debbie Sigler-Kuhn

“I’ve fed this and it’s a good product.” Dawn Bolson

“Equine Omega Complete does wonders for my horse. He is jet black and his coat is so healthy and just glistens. He is a happy horse and the oil also helps to keep his gut feeling good.” Foncie Bullard

“I can speak for someone that has a horse with severe ulcers and experienced a colic surgery. I was told about Equine Omega Complete to see if it would help with the digestive system because of repeat episodes of colic and the severe ulcers. I would be happy to answer any questions in regards to what I have gone through the last two years and healing my horse. Since on the Complete product, no more episodes, gained weight, and his health is better than ever. This horse is a cribber too. He also had a severe skin allergy. This is not an issue anymore. I suggested the Complete product to a friend a couple of weeks ago and saw her horse yesterday and completely amazed. This horse didn’t have hair on the top of his tail and the hair is growing back, no bleeding on his face. Not to mention I have done some research and seeing that it helps with infertility, which I am going to try on my broodmares this year. Completely satisfied. Buy it.” Kelly Gates

“I LOVE Equine Omega Complte. My horse is in great condition and it is an overall product. Thank you for making this product.” Kelly Holierhoek

“I love this product.” Brooke Renshaw

“Just wanted to let you know that our pony has had some great results in just a week! Coughing has been reduced to just the start of work and has seemed much less out of breath! I will be setting up a recurring order.” Connie Smith

“This product is amazing.” Pam Lock

“The Complete product is working great for my mare. And she really likes it!” Internet Customer

“My horse looks unbelievable from the Equine Mega Gain, I can’t wait to switch to the Complete.” Stacey Villardi

“I’ve been giving this to Bucky for a little over a month. He looks so much better. I really think it’s helped him a lot!” Rita Layne

“I have to say I am not a huge supplement junkie. There are so many out there you can feel overwhelmed. I tried this product for my paint horse back in March just because we were working harder and I could see his ribs a little. He also used to cough a few times when we started a workout…I even had a vet come out and listen to him. The biggest difference I notice now that he has been on this supplement is he never coughs anymore! His ribs don’t show either and his coat is like silk. Love this product!” Kristy Pate

“Our pony had been on the Complete product for about 2 weeks now. He has allergies, coughing, and maybe heaves. This product has been a miracle along with some stable management (more turnout, soaked hay, etc). He has stopped coughing, has more energy and stamina, and is coat is amazing!” Connie Smith

“We are in our second week of using the Complete product. I have used your product’s Mega Gain and Mega Sweat the gain on other horses. 
I am a believer I have seen it change my horses for the better.” Linda Canady

“Started my horses on this recently. Significant improvement in my horse with shivers, my 25 year old with Cushing’s, my EPM horse and my 40 year old Warmblood. They all love it too!” Joan Wojak

“Cured my horse.” Marilee McGinnis

Love this product.” Dawn Kuhlmey

“We love both EOC and Mega Gain! Put great weight and gorgeous coats on them!” Anna Russau

“Started using this just 2 weeks ago! Wow what a difference!” Stephany Davis-Currey

“Fantastic product. Definitely a lifesaver for my horse.” Patty Shay Wells

“I will definitely be ordering a third bottle. There are a handful of horses in our barn that started your product in the last 6 weeks and we love it!  Two of the horses (one being my mare) were purchased within the last 9 months and have struggled with chronic ulcers since they arrived. They went on Gastroguard and Sucralfate and they improved but we could not get their pyloric ulcers to heal completely.  They just got re-scoped this morning and the other mare is completely healed and my mare is the best she’s been since we started scoping her 6 months ago!  The only change we made to their regimen, since the last scoping 6 weeks ago, was adding your product and one other gut supplement. We are so excited to be getting traction! 🙂  Thanks for a wonderful product and great customer service!” Courtney Lautman

My mule is COMPLETELY off of his steroids because of the oil. It’s truly amazing how well he is able to function when he receives the proper natural product. Very Pleased and highly recommend. “ Amy Sloas

“Phenomenal products!” Priscilla Feller

“I was skeptical at first. I used the Mega Gain on my now healthy shiny paint! Now I use Equine Omega Complete on my older horse, truly a difference! I’ve used everything over the years and finally a great product that is affordable and truly works!” Debra Russell

“Amazing stuff!!!!” Dina Hirsch

“I am caring for a horse with severe Equine Cushing’s. The first thing you’ll see with EOC is their coat will become amazing. This horse was skin and bones, just the opposite of what a typical Cushing’s horse may look like. I was prepared for the vet clinic to suggest putting him down. He is also on Prascend medication. I am still trying to regulate his hormones. Just letting you know from an actual customer. The assistance from the staff and the nutritionist is really excellent. I shared pictures before and after with them. They followed up with me as well. It was really nice to deal with folks at a company who genuinely care about horses.” Miriam Herstik

“This stuff actually works. My horses love it.” Debbie Honeycutt

“We are in pollen season full blown in South Carolina. My horses were coughing. I just started them on the Complete a short time ago and I can tell you they are not coughing anymore! It DOES help. I have taken them off other things for the seasonal cough now! I am hoping it helps my mustang with reactions to midge bites.” Lila Bett

“Hello, just wanted to let you know that I love your products. I ended up using the Equine Omega Complete on my OTTB I recently purchased that had been sitting in a pasture for 6 months and it has been great. I will definitely be ordering more for my own horse!” Annie Downs DVM 

“The horses are both doing very well on the Equine Omega Complete. We also give them alfalfa pellets daily.” Rose Rosenberg

“We use this and it’s awesome!!!” Michelle Scholten

“Ordered more, my horses all love it too.” Daniela Chesney

“This supplement will not disappoint. This is the only supplement that has ever impressed me in n my 45 years of owning horses.” Tamara Ray

“I wanted to thank you immensely for your product. I started using it on my skinny thoroughbred over a year ago, starting with Mega Gain and then switching over to your Equine Omega Complete formula. This year I was selected to compete in the 2019 Kentucky Extreme Mustang Makeover. As soon as I got my draw for the competition in late February, I put her on a bit of grain and adding your Equine Omega Complete to it. She loves it. Already it has helped add weight to her and has improved her coat so much. I just cannot thank you enough for this product it truly works wonders. I recommend your product to anyone and everyone I can. I plan to continue using your products on her and my other horses as well.” Gabby Jordan

“I have used the Complete on all my horses and the results are amazing. Love, love, love it. You should see results in two to three weeks.” Teri Penick

“I use Equine Omega Complete and have for about 7 months now on both young and senior horses. I’ve been really pleased with the product. It’s cut down on the other supplements I had been giving.” Hollis Page

“I was very skeptical when my friend said here I will even give you a gallon of it to try. I am now 100% convinced and sold on this product. I will always use it for my 25 year old mare. She was looking like a buffalo with so much hair and now she’s slick and shiny and absolutely stunning.” Sherry Morgan

“First I want to say thank you for Equine Omega Complete. I ordered it in January with my doubts for our horse Cassie that was diagnosed with Cushing’s and metabolic disorder. It was painful for her to walk and difficult to stand from a laying position. I was hesitant to start medication. We thought we would try this before starting the medication.  We also had changed her feed eliminating oats and giving her only grass hay. She had been on a max dose of Bute every day to try to manage pain and make her more mobile. After being on Equine Omega Complete for a week, we cut her dose of Bute in half and cut down from there. In 2 weeks we eliminated the Bute.   She is doing really well, does not seem to be in pain, moving very well. We are so happy. Thank you again!” Debra

“So I want to say thank you for a product that works. My daughter’s 26yr old Appaloosa was losing weight, despite quality feeds, vet, equine dentists. We added Equine Omega Complete in May of 2018. Thank you once again.” Alicia Parker

“I started giving Equine Omega Complete to my 20 year old Paso that was diagnosed with Cushing’s and could not walk. The vet put him on medicine and I thought I would add the Equine Omega Complete product as well. It worked. He is beautiful to watch, his coat is shiny and the curls are gone, and he looks so much younger. It’s only been two months but I have seen the difference.” Karen Helser

“I love this stuff!! My horse loves this stuff! It makes his coat shiny and just looks great in general, I get a lot of compliments.
The Complete has kept his joints more fluid. His is an OTTB and I believe it has  helped him tremendously. I have been using this for about 2 years. Recommend it to anyone.” Sabrina Coghlan

“Just wanted to drop you a note. I’ve had my horse on the Equine Omega Complete for over a year now. The effects of your product are amazing! He is gorgeous to look at and he seems very level while on it. Thanks you.” Lynda Gobel

“My horses looked better in ten days. Thank you!” Donna Kuemmerie

“It makes a world of difference! I keep my horses on it! Great product!” Lisa James

“I recently started using this on my appy mare. Despite all the supplements I tried she always had a dull coat. I figured I’d try this product on her first and if I saw results then I’d give it to my other 2 horses. She hasn’t been bathed in months because of the cold and when I brushed her today to get the dirt off she just shined! She hasn’t even been on it a month. I LOVE the results I’m seeing and I’m definitely going to start the other horses on it. Will definitely be reordering soon. Thank you!” Erin Johnson

“Love this product and I am going to start giving it to all three of my horses.” Kathy Anderson

“I use this product and it’s amazing the difference you see.” Sarah Brownell

“I use the Equine Omega Vitamin E oil for mine and saw a huge difference and it showed in his blood work this year. He is Type 2 PSSM so he needed the extra Vitamin E.” Angie Carter

“My picky mare loves this!” Sandy Ortega

“ We use 4 oz a day at home and 8 oz during a horse show. My horse has been on the Complete since in the womb! It’s the best!” Judy Rees

“My horse didn’t have any life in her. She also had an open wound on her shoulder that was infected. After starting her on Equine Omega Complete, life is sneaking up on her. Her eyes are clear and shine. She looks so healthy and happy now. I am one happy costumer. EOC is the bomb, don’t over think it, just get it!” Manuela Biskup

“I wish I would of taken a before picture of the OTTB I put on Equine Omega Complete. She is now on her second gallon and looks so nice. She is shiny, really filling out, impressive stuff!” Tiffany Hicks

“I have used Equine Omega Complete for two months now and my gelding has put on weight and is shiny and healthy! Nothing else helped his weight before EOC. I am very pleased with the product. He is also very finicky and this was the first product he didn’t balk at!” Beth Harrison

“This is my 37 year old Arab. He’s been on EOC for the last two years about the same time he was diagnosed with Equine Cushing’s. He’s been doing great on it. I’ve been extremely pleased.” Shannon Lafaille

“We love this product.” Leslie Whitson

“We have been using your product with GREAT success with several horses!” Beth DeJonghe

“My horse sweated for the first time today in over a year with the hot humid weather in Texas. Love Equine Omega Complete.” Ericka Tollefson

“After ONLY 24 hours using Equine Mega Sweat, my horse has started sweating on her chest and under her mane! I can’t wait to see how much relief she will get this summer!” Brandy Clements

“I just received my order today and gave my IR mini his first dose, he loved it! Licked the bowl which he had stopped doing since I mix his meds in it.” Lene Banke-Fornaiski

“This stuff made such a difference!” Courtney Allison

“Never knew my flea bitten grey mare could shine! After only one month I have seen a difference in her attitude, which is now calmer, her hoof health and overall appearance is improved. It’s a monthly cost that I feel is justified.” Holly Viles

“I have an OTTB who is a very hard keeper. He is 18 hands and is usually very nervous and into everything he shouldn’t be. He has gained weight on the Mega Gain and now maintaining good weight on the Complete product, but most of all he is so much calmer. He is like a different horse. I will always keep him on this!” LaRita Mohl

“I just ordered my 3rd bottle of Equine Omega Complete. I have a 20 year old TB that had coat and weight issues. I started being able to tell a huge difference after the first gallon. I went ahead and started giving it to all my horses by the second gallon and I see positive improvement in all their overall condition. I am a happy customer.” Jamey Jenkins

“I love the Complete product! I’ve noticed a big difference in his coat, mane and tail! It’s only been one and a half months.” Lauren Beaty

Ordered the Equine Omega Vitamin E product for my draft cross with shivers… made a HIGE difference in his overall musculature and particularly his leg spasms. It took about 3 weeks to see a notable difference in the leg spasm and a month to see notable improvement in musculature. He also did way better for the farrier, in terms of being able to stand on his weaker leg, at the trim about 6 weeks after we started on it. And to be clear, I use the Equine Omega Vitamin E not the Complete.” Jennifer Winchester

“We thought my sister’s mare was on deaths door last winter, she had heaves so badly. She lost at least 75 pounds and was wasting away before our eyes and NOTHING I was able to do helped for more than a week or so. She is back to being a sassy old lady, she is 17! I’ve been using Equine Mega Gain and now the Complete product and this spring she looks amazing!” Laura Love

“My mare has never looked so good. At 13 she has the energy of a 3 year old but calm as can be. Thank you for an amazing organic and GMO free product! Love Equine Omega Complete!” Lisa Hertz

This is our IR Appendix. She has been on the Complete for a year. Her coat shines and her joints move so much more freely. Her sugars with proper diet are back down to normal. We love Equine Omega Complete oil! Our 17 year old QH who cribs and can be a hard keeper. We have had her on the Equine Omega Complete oil for a year. She maintains her weight with no problem now on regular feed, and hay.” Marykay Erickson

“We’ve been using the Complete for our 4 guys – 3 geldings and a stallion for 3 months now. Nice difference in their coats and I do believe they just feel better overall. So I’m very pleased.”  Kelly Johnson

“Been using this on my OTTB mare since July. While this is just part of her regimen I believe it has helped her immensely! Thank you 03 Animal Health!”  Lia Hogan

“I have numbers for you on my senior stallion that we put on Equine Omega Complete when we got him last August. From our initial collection, we got 2.4 billion cells and about 50% on his motility.  It dropped to 10% at 24 hours. Our December collection, after being on EOC for a few months and getting a better feed/hay and overall program, yielded 7.07 billion cells with 70-80% motility, and 60% at 24 hours. Our first collection that went out a few weeks ago to a Mare Owner had 12 billion cells, and at 24 hours we still had 70% motility straight out of the box, not warmed up.  At 48 hours, it was still well over 50%. CRAZY for a 20 year old stallion, right? We’re super excited about these numbers!” Brenna A. Weaver

“My horse has been on this product for almost a year now and he’s a completely different horse!! His coat is shiny and he has dapples too. We used the mega gain and he put on almost 300 pounds. I wish I had a photo of him before!” Lily Kovach

“Love this stuff!” Philesha Chandler

“My hard keeper OTTB is looking great after 3 weeks!” Heidi Cosner Hintz

 “Love EOC! It’s a real game changer.” Robin Anderson Bonomi

“ EOC is my FAVORITE! I tell ALL my horse peeps about this stuff! You rock!” Gabriela Klein

“I absolutely love O3 and I’ve told many about it!” Sarah Hood

 “This product has been a blessing for my horse. He is calmer and when scoped, he has no ulcers. I feed him this oil and Daily Gold by Redmond. My body worker thinks this combination has kept him calm, healthy and ulcer free.” Lori Justin

“I started using this product for one very skinny old pony. Her results were so dramatic in such a short period of time that I started all my horses on it. This stuff is awesome. Best I’ve used.” Muzzie Snarfles

“Thank you so much for your Equine Omega Complete. This is my almost 2 year old, no brushing, great food and great omegas! Thank you for making sure my other horses look just as good. I use Equine Omega Complete product on all my horses, yearling to 19 years old. It has made a huge difference.” Amanda Lopez

“My horse is the pickiest when it comes to adding something to her feed. I poured it on her feed and mixed it up and she loves it!” Kathy Lynn Anderson

“Equine Mega Gain had practically brought my Appaloosa back to life! Love this stuff. He’s filling back out, he’s peppy, his coat is blacker and his mane and tail are growing” Susan Kearse Clayton

“Equine Omega Complete really is amazing!!! He’s been on it for a month and half now- he’s very shiny. Love the product!! Lauren Beaty

“I have a couple of wonderful OTTB project horses, and decided that I wanted to supplement their nutrition program with something that would make them look and feel great as they progress through training. We took sale photos of them this weekend and I can’t believe how radiant their hair coats look! They are glowing! I love Equine Omega Complete and can’t wait to try it on the rest of my horses.” Kaitlyn Zaleski

“I used the Equine Mega Gain with an older horse that was a very hard keeper which was skin & bones when we got her. Her coat is so healthy and she is at a healthy weight. I would recommend any of Equine Omega complete products to improve the overall health of your horse.” Lynn Horsch

 “I have been feeding the complete for a year or more on a rescue and on our barrel horse and I love it. The rescue Saddlebred  gained weight and looks great. Our barrel horse has the most beautiful shine is muscular, and most important is more focused. Totally recommend this product!” Linda Lee McClellan

I am an Eventer in Michigan. My horses were struggling to maintain a healthy, shiny, nice coat. In June, I put them on Equine Omega Complete and I can’t say enough great things about it. Their coats are now better than I have ever dreamed. My older warmblood was losing weight like crazy in this weather. I put him in Equine Mega Gain and he has filled out tons in the past 2 weeks. All I can say is thank you!” Lola Schnepf

“Last winter I sent my horses to be turned out for the season with a person I thought I could trust. They were all starved and injured, but my one horse, who usually tends to get overweight, was the one who took it the worst. She lost hundreds of pounds and her color was completely different. I did not even recognize her. After a long journey with my amazing vets, quality hay and Equine Omega Complete, she has made a complete recovery. It took a while, but now she is back to her beautiful liver chestnut self. The turnaround from starved and intensive care to fat and happy was around 4 months. It was amazing to see the transition. I’m so happy I found your products through my polo friend Jared Sheldon. I will never ever let my horses go without their oil ever again.  Thanks so much for making such an amazing product. Who would have thought four squirts of oil a day could save a horse.” Customer Email

“Freedom has ALWAYS been the hardest keeper. He’s a 23 y/o 17 hand OTTB with few front teeth. I would stress about posting pictures of him because he would look ribby & underweight. I would try & get good angles to avoid the hateful comments. He is completely healthy blood work was great, etc. I tried so many weight builders, changed feed, increased feed. Nothing really made a difference. He will sit in the pasture & stare off for hours while the others are grazing or eating hay. He’s not a big eater or food motivated like all the other horses here. I started Freedom on Equine Omega Complete & the results show it all. He’s regaining his topline, shiny/healthier coat, and I’m feeding him less grain than I previously was. He’s only been on it two weeks & I am blown away!” Christina Hays

“The Equine Mega Gain is amazing. Won’t be long, I’ll switch to the Complete product. I can’t thank this company enough. You guys gave weight and life back to my 33 year old quarter horse mare, Maria. She was dearly loved by my late grandfather, and now in my care. She’s been in my life since I was six years old. Thank you thank you!!!” Cindi Etheridge

“I have had my OTTB at the farm for just under two weeks. He was ribby, his topline just non-existent, and his neck/hind end were just awful. He has been on Equine Mega Gain for the 2 weeks he’s been at the farm, and he has filled in so much he looks like a different horse. Never have I trusted supplements as being a sham, and never actually work for my horse. This supplement has by far blown me away, and I will never have ANY horse not on it or the Equine Omega Complete. It’s absolutely amazing.” Gared Bloom

“My horse’s coats have been so healthy since starting then on Equine Omega Complete, and it’s really filled out their top line! Great customer service and a great product!” Tessora Bustillos

“Can’t say enough about how great this supplement is! Do your research, buy it, follow dosage info, I’ll bet the farm, you’ll agree this is the best & safest supplement out there for your horse! FYI, I’m not being compensated or to endorse! This supplement is phenomenal, especially for TB’s!” Lori Carey

“We put our 2 yr old, 16 1/2 hands boy on the complete because he just seemed sluggish and didn’t run much like something hurt. He also had hoofs that would crack and chip a lot. He has been on it for about a month and he is running a lot more with his 1 1/2 year old buddy, moving much more fluidly! And his hoofs are not chipping!” Mike French

“I just finished my very first gallon. I have 4 more gallons and my hope is that this product will help my horse’s extreme anxiety about showing. Won’t know till first show but this will give the product lots of time to show what it can do. My horse is a very picky eater but he absolutely love this stuff.” Diana Schneider

“I have a wonderful review. My 2 yr old baby caught strangles and despite very early treatment she lost a lot of weight. When her appetite returned I started her on Equine Mega Gain. It has been nothing short of a miracle. She’s back to her old self. Her weight has rebounded to normal and she’s happy again. I will probably keep her on The Mega Gain one more month and switch to Equine Omega Complete. Thank you for your wonderful product.” Staci Lyons-white 

“I’ve been using equine Omega complete for almost a year since I bought this handsome guy. He’s a Shire/thoroughbred cross and when I got him he was under muscled, had a dull coat and was super stiff often, especially after being in a stall. After a month of this and a consistent program he’s blossomed and has put on a ton of muscle and his skin and coat look fantastic! He’s now schooling 3rd/4th level and has turned into quite a show horse. I have all of my horses on this and will continue to use it in my barn. Thanks for making such an awesome product!” Kristen Monaco Tona 

“My horse had a history of ulcers, a dull coat and a high-strung personality (for a QH/Paint). After seeing FB reviews I reached out to learn more about the product. Within a week of giving him Equine Omega Complete his coat became rich and skinny. His flaky skin patches began to shrink and his overall disposition mellowed. I was worried about weight gain because he is an easy keeper but have not found it to be an issue. He looks and feels like a happier, healthier, more beautiful horse. The customer service is absolutely amazing, which made learning more about the products easy and ordering/shipping quick. If you’re on the fence try it, you will not be disappointed. Images are unedited and taken about the same time of day.” Esperanza Tervalon-Garrett

“Worked wonders on my horse that had dry skin and bad dandruff had a hard time shedding out. With in a week it all was cleared up and she shed out. Beautiful coat was the end result. Thank goodness for Equine Omega Complete.” Lydia Luebbe

“The products are wonderful and their customer service is fantastic.” Alizon Roth

“If you want a horse in beautiful condition with a superb hair coat then use this product. The proof is visible and practically instantaneous.” Sandi Kempton

“Equine Omega Complete has made my horse’s coat so soft and shiny. He is a performance horse and has some arthritis in his right hock. He is definitely moving better since we started using EOC. Thank you for making this super product.” Amy Diener

“Amazing product and awesome customer service.” Brandie Zerrusen-Johnson

“It’s amazing to see the difference in the horses inside & out!!! Their overall health has improved 100%. We will always use this! Our Vet said these are the healthiest & prettiest horses in the County!!! Thanks to Equine Omega Complete & Hay-HAY-RITE Mini Cubes!!!” Lisa Gordon James 

“I swear by this stuff I have stopped using all other products this replaced them all!! Huge fan of EOC!” Krchelle Garcia 

“We have 20 Lusitanos on this product and everyone one of them just love it. They all feel and look great.” Stephanie Da Silva

“Hello thanks for my order.  I just started both of my horses on it the day I received my order and just wanted to let you know my one gelding, who has severe issues with bugs and welts and bites!!!! I’ve noticed for two days now in the morning when I go to feed he has no bug bites on him. Not sure what’s happening but THANK YOU!!!! I have tried everything he was so bad I could not ride him. He’s allergic to just about everything and insulin resistance and has joint problems he is an absolute mess! So thank you. Have an amazing day!!!” Lynn Lachine

“I’ve been using your product for a few years now and my favorite horse/results have been with my Cushing’s mare. I bought her 5 years ago this July. My husband and I went to see her and I knew the second I rode her she was for me. It felt like I knew her my whole life and she was so kind and genuine I couldn’t pass her up. Plus my husband said yes so how could I say no. She has built my confidence again and I’m truly thankful for her relationship with me and my husband he adores her as well which is why a couple of years ago when she was diagnosed with laminitis and later finding out it was due to Cushing’s we were both crushed. We fought through the lameness, shoeing and dry lot and adjusted to a mainly very dry very boring diet. Equine Omega Complete helped her with the added healthy fats and Omegas she needed, now that she wasn’t able to get from grass and grazing anymore. The oil has helped her hooves, hormones, and that wholly mammoth coat she rocks in the wintertime. It is safe and we haven’t had any more Laminitis issues. I also don’t worry about colic with the added oils that help keep her gut healthy! EOC helped fill in her top line, which most Cushing’s horses need as they get the hollow back and big round belly and need the added fats without the starches. I am truly pleased with how well this product has worked for her! Thanks again for a great product!” Carrie Beckett

“We started my two horses on the Complete formula first. My mare is 27 and was recovering from a Suspensory injury. She is also on 2time/yr Osphos injection. But since I started her on the Equine Omega Complete, she has become herself again. I am conditioning her slowly and I am using her for a couple of lessons/week. The big sorrel gelding is her grandson. Not only is his hair coat gorgeous, his anxiety issues are settled and quiet. I since have put the other 10 horses on the Equine Omega Complete. I have 5 separate families of boarders. They saw the difference in my horses, both in appearance and behavior. I recommended your product to each of them for various purposes. One of our riders said that her horse was ‘a completely different horse’. I had suggested Equine Omega Complete, as the two years he’s been here I suspected ulcer type hair coat and behavior. Those symptoms are now gone. We are all true believers in your product. The big palomino was a stressed mess and now he is no more! The bay horses are seniors as well. They are still showing and feeling good. The focus and all around improved health are amazing. The paint horse and buckskin mare are some of the most focused show horses I’ve seen. Thank you!” Dreamcatcher Equine Facility! Kathi

“I can’t thank O3 Animal Health enough for the difference they made in my horse, Dixie. She was a hard keeper but this winter she got really skinny and dull looking. Her ribs and hips were bulging out and she had no energy. More grain wasn’t helping her much and I wasn’t sure what to give her. I saw Equine Omega Complete on social media and decided to try it. Dixie not only gained appropriate weight but she now, she has a beautiful coat and calm energy for her work. She looks and feels great. Your product really works and it’s all-natural so I feel good about giving it to her.” Sabrina Cooper

“My beautiful 2 yr old horse caught strangles and despite early treatment her weight dropped by a significant amount. I started her on the Equine Mega Gain about 30 days ago, and she has improved significantly. She’s back in training and her old focused, happy, healthy self. I’ll be using Mega Gain for one more month and then be switching to Equine Omega Complete. Thank you very much for a wonderful product. It’s worth every penny you spend.“ Staci White

“I started our 27 year old horse on Equine Mega Gain a couple of weeks ago to put more weight on his old bones!  Patch is 27 and has suffered from Ringbone for years and has had a significant limp for years. We have tried everything with marginal improvement. Never thought your product would have an effect on his gait from the Ringbone. This wasn’t even a reason I started him on the product. Last night I turned him out into adjoining pasture and shot a short video because he is so sweet and he just makes me smile. I was blown away. The video is AMAZING. He has not moved like this in years and years. He is not just a little better, it is a massive improvement in all 3 gaits Just had to share with you. This horse has been SIGNIFICANTLY lame prior to EOC. He is 27 and has had Ringbone for many years. No success with vets treating him, so the plan was ‘until he is too much pain’.  I am not one to be totally amazed by product results, but this is incredible. That horse has been severely lame for such a long time, it’s incredible and the only change I made was your product.” Debra Varney

“I want to give a huge thank you to O3 Animal Health for turning my horse’s life around! I was desperately searching for something to help him when he was loosing weight, had severe rain rot covering his entire body, and had a compromised immune system.  After being on Equine Omega Complete for just a few months all of that changed.  He gained weight, felt better, and looked better.  A beautiful rainbow even shined down on us the other day!  I am so thankful I found your products. I highly recommend anyone to try these products. I just put in for our next order of 4 gallons of Equine Omega Complete! Thank you again! Lauren Rosati

“Dublin is a 5 year old off the track Thoroughbred and last raced November of 2017. I bought him out of Pennsylvania in January of 2018 with quite the attitude. He would pin his ears and lift his back legs every time I would walk into his stall. Touching anywhere behind his shoulder was a death wish. His coat was dull and patchy. He was somewhat ribby and lacked substance. He was just a typical growing 4 year old. I’ve seen so many owners rave about Equine Omega Complete and figured it was worth a shot. I heard about the amazing results with horses with ulcers, dull coats, and growth in babies. And every claim has been 100% true on my boy. I’m so impressed with the way he shed out this spring and the substance that he’s gained without even being in work yet. And believe it or not, currying under his belly is his absolute FAVORITE. The results speak for themselves. I will never not have my boy on Equine Omega Complete!” Sydney McAllister

“This yearling was put in the barn not 60 days prior to these photos. He was fuzzy and truly looked like he just went through a long winter, which he did. Today you’d never know it. He’s slick, shiny, great condition and yet for a yearling stud colt is as calm as the day is long. I’m impressed particularly as he’s only about 13 months, but carries so much maturity and presence. I never have to question if these horses are getting the nutrition they need, and I love that!! Thanks O3 Animal Health for the amazing product, Equine Omega Complete.” Heidi DeJong

“Hi, I just wanted to start off by saying I would love to say how much I love your product. I’ve been using it for almost 8 years now, and I swear up and down by this stuff. Thank you for the huge improvement in my horse. I’ve recommended this product to several of my friends and they completely love it.” Rainy Cheyenne

“My 18 year dressage mare is on the Complete. Amazing stuff!! She looks wonderful, calm and focused, and no longer on Previcox! Her joints seem to be feeling really good.” Brenda Hedrick

“Best product I have ever used in 50 years as an equine professional!” Terri Klein-Trierweiler Rakosky

“I swear by this stuff I have stopped using all other products this replaced them all!! Huge fan of EOC!” Krchelle Garcia 

“It’s amazing to see the difference in the horses inside & out!!! Their overall health has improved 100%. We will always use this! Our Vet said these are the healthiest & prettiest horses in the County!!! Thanks to Equine Omega Complete.” Lisa Gordon James 

“Amazing product and awesome customer service.” Brandie Zerrusen-Johnson

“Equine Omega Complete has made my horse’s coat so soft and shiny. He is a performance horse and has some arthritis in his right hock. He is definitely moving better since we started using EOC. Thank you for making this super product.” Amy Diener

If you want a horse in beautiful condition with a superb hair coat, use this product. The proof is visible and practically instantaneous.” Sandi Kempton

“The products are wonderful and their customer service is fantastic.”Alizon Roth

“Worked wonders on my horse that had dry skin and bad dandruff had a hard time shedding out. With in a week it all was cleared up and she shed out. Beautiful coat was the end result. Thank goodness for Equine Omega Complete.” Lydia Luebbe

“My horse had a history of ulcers, a dull coat and a high-strung personality (for a QH/Paint). After seeing FB reviews I reached out to learn more about the product. Within a week of giving him Equine Omega Complete his coat became rich and silky. His flaky skin patches began to shrink and his overall disposition mellowed. I was worried about weight gain because he is an easy keeper but it has not been an issue. He looks and feels like a happier, healthier, more beautiful horse. The customer service is absolutely amazing, which made learning more about the products easy and ordering/shipping quick. If you’re on the fence try it, you will not be disappointed. Images are unedited and taken about the same time of day.” Esperanza Tervalon-Garrett

I’ve been using equine Omega complete for almost a year since I bought this handsome guy. He’s a Shire/thoroughbred cross and when I got him he was under muscled, had a dull coat and was super stiff often, especially after being in a stall. After a month of this and a consistent program he’s blossomed and has put on a ton of muscle and his skin and coat look fantastic! He’s now schooling 3rd/4th level and has turned into quite a show horse. I have all of my horses on this and will continue to use it in my barn. Thanks for making such an awesome product!” Kristen Monaco Tona

 “I have a wonderful review. My 2 yr old baby caught strangles and despite very early treatment she lost a lot of weight. When her appetite returned I started her on Equine Mega Gain. It has been nothing short of a miracle. She is back to her old self. Her weight has rebounded to normal and she’s happy. I’ll probably keep her on the Mega Gain one more month and switch to Equine Omega Complete. Thank you for your wonderful product.” Staci Lyons-white 

“There is simply no substitution for Equine Omega Complete-I am a non-pro reining rider who needs to make certain my horses stay in tip top shape without breaking the bank. This product is easy to use, convenient and provides so many of the benefits I am looking for to help keep my horses sound.  I am especially happy with the anti-inflammatory properties, improved digestion and strong immune system benefits that this product offers my horses. I am relieved to say that none of my horses has had any colic episodes since being on this product, and they all look amazing with shiny coats that get compliments at every show.   I highly recommend Equine Omega Complete to every horse owner – performance, pleasure or retired – a healthy horse is a happy horse and that’s what we all are trying to accomplish.” Troy K Stansbury

“Hi! I just wanted to tell you guys how much I appreciate your products. I have a 19 year old off track thoroughbred, and Equine Omega Complete has been the only supplement that has been able to help put weight back on him and keep it on. I’ve tried so many different senior grains, different oils, cool calories and the list goes on but this stuff really works. Before I started him on it his coat was starting to look a little dull, his hind legs were getting stocked up constantly, even with turnout, and he just wasn’t as lively as he used to be. All that has changed now that he’s been on the Equine Omega for about 2 months now. His coat looks amazing, he’s put on weight, he runs around bucking and playing all day and he’s back to his old self. Thank you for having such amazing products.” Sam Fletcher

“I received my first bottle of Equine Omega Complete and I have to say, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I have 2 OTTB’s one is 28 and a hard keeper the other is a 9 year old who is high strung, edgy and spooky. I had treated him for ulcers and have now started him on the Complete. I have had some major wins with this product. First, it’s been rainy here in Delaware so my guys have been in. My 28 year-old stocks up while stalled and has had mild arthritis. He was in 10 hours and now his legs were normal size. He has been trotting more in the field and playing with his 13 year-old field mate again. This makes me so happy. Second, my 9 year-old TB has been calm and sweet, even letting me catch him in the field. We loaded up on the trailer and rode at my friend’s farm with one of my lesson students yesterday. He was calm and easy to deal with. He is easier to ride was much improved. His mind was clear and his heart was brave. I was even able to stand in the ring and teach a lesson off him and he stood there like an old lesson pony. You all have no idea how happy this made me. I will be ordering this product again! I am so happy I found this product and will recommend it to all my horse friends. Thank you so much from a happy thoroughbred horse mom.” Krystin Lyster

“In the last 2+ months we’ve been using EOC our hard keeper Thoroughbred, who struggled with chronic gastric and hindgut ulcers has gained weight, his hooves have improved and is generally much happier. He has a great shiny coat and dappled for the first time in two years since we have had him. I no longer own a ‘hard keeper’. Thank you!! Healthy weight, beautiful coat and his hooves!!! We haven’t lost a shoe all summer. Thanks EOC!” Robin Anderson Bonomi

“I wanted to send you a note. I use Equine Omega Complete for my 22 YO retired Warmblood who is my LOVE. I’ve had him for almost ten years, and two years ago he broke his stifle, and I almost had to put him to sleep. We have had a lot of struggles, I don’t ride him any longer, just take care of him, and finding the “right” supplements/nutrition plan for him had been so incredibly difficult. SO important though, because keeping his old-man legs comfortable is the most important thing to me. Since he broke his stifle, he’s suffered from sleep deprivation and terrible fetlock bed sores because he doesn’t want to lay down from discomfort, and when he does, he puts loads of pressure on his front legs. This is only my second order of Equine Omega Complete, and I haven’t changed anything else about his diet or bedding, and for the first time in 2 years, his bedsores are HEALING! I’ve been able to pull off all of his fetlock vet wrap/bed sore boots/etc. and his legs are healing. It’s amazing. I am thanking you for it. It has to be what he’s eating that’s helping him.” Lauren Maas

“Thank you for processing my order so quickly! I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed I am with the Equine Omega Complete!  My horse, Buckles, has been on the Omega Complete for about 6-8 months. I began using it on the recommendation of Beth Clemons who has her 20+ show horses on it.   I was previously using the Platinum Performance products and did not think anything else could compare, but your product has improved my horse’s coat, reduced inflammation and made him feel like a million bucks (which is what he is worth to me!)  The best part is, I have been able to use less products than before because everything is included in this one product!  Thank you for saving me money, making my horse a happy camper and giving me peace of mind!” Lisa Hernandez and Easy Otie Buckles

“This is Yeller. Three years ago at the age of 20 we turned him out at the ranch for a well-deserved retirement. On April 2nd we brought him home, after an incredibly hard winter here in Oregon. That very day I started him on Equine Omega Complete. The results were immediate and so good I started riding him again. Lameness issues that had plagued his roping career with Brandon haven’t been an issue, he’s shiny and has incredible muscle tone for a 23 yr old horse. Yeller took my husband, Brandon to two NFR’s and yesterday June 11th he helped me qualify for my own World Series of Team Roping Finals in Las Vegas! I attribute his amazing comeback to his unbelievable heart and Equine Omega Complete!” Kimber Beers

“I have been using Equine Omega Complete on my horse since the spring of last year when I noticed that his feet were soft and kept coming up with chips around the edges. He has been barefoot his whole life and I’d like to keep him that way. I started him on Equine Omega Complete to help with that and it has certainly worked wonders for him. On top of that his mane (which was always short and stringy) has become more full and long. His coat has that ‘shiny penny’ quality and we always get compliments on our turnout at shows. He feels better, he looks better, and his feet are much stronger! Thank you Equine Omega Complete for making an easy to use, all in supplement that we love!” Kristin Loewenthal

“I have just received my second gallon of your Equine Omega Vitamin E. My mare is an 18 year-old Oldenburg was diagnosed in March with having low Vitamin E levels, EPM and more recently with its cousin Sarcocystis Faryei. She has had neurological symptoms along with muscle waisting, depletion, weight loss and lack of appetite. Low protein/Albinum have been present in her blood work she was partially Anhydritic and extremely spooky which is not her normal temperament.  She was initially treated with a different Vitamin E along with other Vet recommended protocol, but I researched your product and was extremely encouraged. Her difference after a gallon in her blood work, her body composition and daily attitude are all so encouraging! I also appreciate the ease of being able to order and quickly receive my second gallon so she will not miss a dose!  Again, thank you for making such a great product and making a stressful situation a little less so. I will continue to keep her on either the Equine Omega Vitamin E or Equine Omega Complete for the rest of her life along with any of her other vet recommended protocol medication.” Cira Mahoney

“Wanted to drop you a line about Equine Omega Complete. I love this product. My horse Cody is doing fabulous on it. His coat is now very dapple and looks fabulous. He is calm and so happy. It’s amazing how calm this oil makes them. His movement is also more fluid. My farrier notices hoof difference as well. I love this product. Thank you!” Connie Bartlett & Cody

“All my horses have been and are still getting Equine Omega Complete. This is a great product. I see a big difference in their hair coat, attitudes, gut health and their movement. All of my training horse will stay on Equine Omega Complete. Also my dogs love it, they follow me around hoping some drops on the floor. Thanks for a great product. We love it.” Tom Williams

“The first day I started Equine Omega Complete my horse (Freckles) wasn’t very shiny, she was just dull. Once I started feeding it to her, her coat, mane, and tail became shiny and very healthy. Freckles is a very hot barrel horse. I’ve noticed her becoming a little calmer the more I feed this supplement to her. I’m a strong believer in this product and will soon be putting my 5yr old on it! Freckles licks her bucket clean trying to eat all of it, so I guess you could say she loves it! She is a very picky horse and won’t eat things she doesn’t like. Not to mention it smells DELICIOUS! I’m so happy with my results so far and will continue feeding it! Thank You!” Anne Howard

“Just wanted to say your product is amazing!!! I have an off the track thoroughbred that had ulcers and was not happy at all. I tried everything (even soaking his beet pulp in chamomile tea every night) but nothing quite seemed to help. I started giving him your product a couple months ago and what a difference it has made for him!! He’s a completely different horse and I could not be more pleased. He’s no longer biting at his stomach, he’s much happier and his coat and mane look amazing!!! I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!! Have a great weekend.” Kate Russell

“No filter no editing! One month on Equine Omega Complete I can’t get over how stunning and healthy and how much this horse is changing. She is much nicer under saddle and on the ground.” Crystal Penner

“My mare has immune issues, being allergic to everything from alfalfa hay to eucalyptus trees and even shavings. I started using Equine Omega Complete a little more than six months ago. She is breathing better, has luster in coat and her joints appear better. This mare is 18 years young. Also, the mare my husband is riding in this photo coliced twice last year prior to using Equine Omega Complete. This year in the last 6 months we had no vet calls for colic or hives due to allergies. Thanks for a great product!” Jeanne Mather

“I got my horse five years ago as a first horse/rehab project after a couple suspensory tears. It wasn’t known what he’d be capable of or if he’d stay sound enough to work but one look at him was all it took for me to give it a try.  The first few years were filled with ups and downs. Frequent front and hind lameness, chronic skin issues, weight issues, a bandage bow, white line disease, hip pain, back pain, and increasing anxiety resulting in increasing non-rideabilty and frustration. We’ve truly gone up and down the supplement market with lackluster results and increasing costs. I changed his training program; he was changed to grass hay, stopped his previous supplements, and started on Equine Omega Complete. The past nine months have been the most amazing transformation for Parker. He now is clear minded and at peace under saddle and in the barn. He is loose, limber, 100% sound, enjoys his job, and continues to progress to achievements I had written out of his future. I consistently get comments on the quality of his coat, and he no longer has skin issues. His feet are strong and pain free. He is seventeen years young this year and has truly feels better than ever. I can’t say thank you enough and I can absolutely say that I would recommend this product!” Anne Cossentine

“These are my boys and I last summer. A 23 year old TWH and a 5 TWH cross that are both great boys. We live and ride in the mountains of Washington state. I’ve put both my boys on Equine Omega Complete for different reasons seeing if this can benefit both a young and older horse. My answer to you is yes! My older horse has some arthritis from an old injury as well as just wear and tear. He was on a joint supplement, but I wanted to try Equine Omega Complete, as I wanted to see if my younger horse could benefit from your product as well. I’m happy to report Equine Omega Complete is showing, after one month, that it is working! My senior horse is doing great for joint health. My younger horse is better too. He is not showing any hives when working. Any ulcer points are now gone. When I am brushing, saddling… no biting, no moving and no pinning ears. He is standing quiet and calm. He is a happy camper. Thank you Equine Omega Complete for this amazing product.” Rebecca Dickinson

“Three weeks on Equine Omega Complete!! This is my 3 year-old Hanoverian mare in training. I was not sure a product could produce results as quickly as I have heard EOC does but the pictures don’t lie!!! I will be using this on all my horses!!! Thank you for a great product!!” Michela Silvestre

“I really just wanted to reach out to say thanks. This product has changed my horse. He looks fantastic. I am getting a lot of compliments and people asking what I am feeding. I have even referred a few of my fellow equestrians to the product. Just wanted to say Thank you! Love this product.” Devon Jamieson

“I just wanted to thank you for creating these amazing products. My 17 year-old TB had a HORRIBLE winter. He lost hundreds of pounds and nothing I was doing was helping him. This horse is my heart horse and has taught me more than I can ever say as a rider so the fact that he looked the way he did made me sick to my stomach. I started him on Equine Omega Complete and literally within 2 WEEKS, he’s starting to look like a completely different horse! He looks and moves like a million bucks! We still have quite a ways to go but I am just so smitten with his progress I had to share! Thank you for giving me me back my horse!” Stef Sookdeo

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a difference I see in my horse! He’s put on healthy weight, and his muscle is starting to come in so nicely! His coat, his feet, his everything is so much healthier! He truly feels like a different horse, cause he feels good from the inside out! This supplement went above and beyond my expectations! Thank you all, this supplement has truly changed my horses & my life!” Allyson Dunn

“This stuff is liquid gold, Kinky will be on this for a long time. This is just his first gallon of Mega Gain and I love the results.” Sydney Marr

“The first picture was before I started her on the Equine Mega Gain. The difference is crazy. It’s pretty hard to keep weight on Dallas when I’m working her daily, but this supplement has made such a huge difference! Now that her weight is where I want it to be, I’ve switched her to Equine Omega Complete and it’s maintained her weight perfectly. Super in love with this supplement! Never taking her off of it!” Lexi Shaw

“We were very impressed with your product! The biggest change I’ve seen so far is a calmer, focused and more willing attitude, which is so important since we are dealing mainly with young, high-energy horses. My boyfriend Jesse is a big skeptic so when we started seeing positive results with one of our problem colts he just rolled his eyes and said, “Well you can’t say for sure it’s from that oil!” We are talking about a colt that will REFUSE to work, buck, rear and just generally have a very sour attitude. After three days on the Equine Omega Complete he comes out and works like a different horse! So to prove my theory I took the colt off the product and he went back to his bad attitude. After a few bad rides I told Jesse that I was putting him back on the oil. The next time he’s ridden… VOILA! New horse! The best part, later that day Jesse says to me, “Maybe you should put all the horses on that oil.” Very happy with the results! Thanks again!”  Julie Breighten

“I bought an underweight OTTB with little top line 6 weeks ago. My race friends highly recommended Equine Omega Complete. Will it make him HOT? No way! Rock is sleek, muscular, has shiny feet, glossy mane and tail, sparkly eyes and most interesting, small cuts heal in 48 hours. Of all the myriads of supplements out there I’m so happy with EOC!! I need some of this for me!” Gabriela Klein

“I don’t even know where to start. I have to say, Dr Kraybill and I are highly skeptical of supplements and supplementary claims.  With that being said, the clinical trial we did on a horse in our care has been astounding. We used your product, Equine Omega Complete, on an off the track thoroughbred, 17 yr old mare, with significant chronic illnesses. She has been treated (somewhat successfully but never really was 100%) for chronic Lyme titers, gastric ulcers, general malaise and nervousness. She is an eventing prospect for our daughter and was given to us for a dollar form a client who was in need of placing her in a different home due to overcrowding circumstances. She has always looked lackluster, had a dull coat, been a handful to ride, suspicious, lacked focus and was “worn out ” from light exercise. We could never really get a handle on what her specific issues were and tried pretty much everything we felt had good science behind it. We had minimal success with a handful of products, but nothing as amazing as equine omega complete. Since she has been on a clinical trial with equine omega complete, she has been in training as an eventing prospect, jumping up to 3′, clear minded, shiny coat, terrific hoof health and has had stamina and enthusiasm to compete. She is focused, competitive and eager to work. The change in her is astounding and I have nothing else to contribute it to other than your product. We are just simply stunned by her reaction to the oil and so very happy for her that she is obviously feeling so much better and so much more focused and engaged. Dr Kraybill is now a staunch believer in this oil and we have been promoting it within the practice. Thank you so much for providing us with the opportunity to do the clinical trial.“ Tricia Kraybill

“I decided to try the Equine Omega Complete due to all of the great reviews and am glad that I did. I’m using it on two of my horses. The first horse is my western pleasure horse. She has had a locking stifle for the past couple years. She has been on this about a month so far and is almost 100% better. Nothing else seemed to work to help her except for this amazing product. The fluidity in her movement is the best it’s been in a very long time. She is finally using herself correctly. I’m just amazed and so happy to have my old horse back!  My other horse is a 16’2 Hunter Under Saddle horse that has had back and SI joint issues and your product has lessened his pain dramatically. His movement is so much more fluid and you can tell he is a lot more comfortable. Thank you for this amazing product!” Brittany Ryan

“Hi. My name is Danielle. I am a barrel racer. I bought my 3 year-old about four months ago and he was lacking a lot of muscle and looked almost sickly. He was very skinny in the neck, off balance in height and had a very poor mane, coat and tail.  I started him on Equine Mega Gain two months ago and he has just blossomed. I’ll be keeping him on Equine Omega Complete going forward! I love this product and I recommend it to everyone!” Danelle Renaee

“I so wish I had taken a before picture! After evaluating my rather complicated feeding program I decided to replace several single supplements with Equine Omega Complete. I was already feeding an omega supplement and an amino acid supplement as a hoof supplement. I was looking to add some extra Vitamin E as well, but my feed room was starting to look like a feed store!!! Equine Omega Complete checked all those boxes in one supplement! My horses have been on it for a month and a half and I couldn’t be happier with our results!” Michelle Emmermann

“He’s a 4 year old that suffered really extreme neglect. He was in such bad shape, he shouldn’t have pulled through and he had even stopped sweating. He could eat hay, but feed made him sick. He had been hungry along time.  We were almost to late, but with the help of Equine Mega Sweat, and now Equine Omega Complete, he’s happily sweating, and gained almost 400 lbs! He is beautiful! Who would of known! Look at the bloom and finish! Equine Omega Complete has really helped bring out his color.  Even his head is brindle! I love this product, so worth every penny.” Shawna Simmons

Just want to tell you again how wonderful EOC has enhanced my two geldings health. My senior horse is moving out better!! My 5 year old is calmer, pays more attention and his hives are gone. Both of their coats look great. I’ve been looking for a product for both boys for different reasons and I am thankful I have found Equine Omega Complete. I call it liquid gold. It’s worth every drop. Thank you!” Becky Dickinson

“My horse was a very edgy AQHA Reiner with my granddaughter aboard. He had stomach ulcers and was just edgy in the show pen. My trainer, Sam Schaffhauser started Steve on Equine Mega Gain first and then went to the Equine Omega Complete formula.  It made a huge difference in his appearance and his performance. I was so impressed with this product I put all my Horses on it.” Debbie Honeycutt

“On the recommendation of a friend and serious horse show person, I started my horse on Equine Omega Complete in 2014, just to see if it would help with some chronic lameness/arthritis in a front fetlock joint. Not only did it dramatically help with the lameness, but her coat, hooves, and overall “healthful” look improved within the first 6 months. I now use Equine Omega Complete as a daily additive for both my aging mares 17 and 20 and they are going strong, happy and healthy. THANK YOU Equine Omega Complete for helping my girls stay strong and sound, even in advancing years!!!” Helen

“I sent my horse out on lease for about 2 months. When I got him back he looked terrible! I was absolutely horrified. My gorgeous boy had lost a ton of weight and his coat looked awful. Once I got him back I started him on Equine Mega Gain. The results are amazing! I will only use Equine Mega Gain and Equine Omega Complete! It provides fast and amazing results!” Anna Kelly McGonigle

“I just wanted to send a message and say thanks for making such a great product! We had a hard time keeping weight on our horse and could not get his coat quite right; even with high quality feed, alfalfa, and controlled amounts of time in the sun. Less than a month after starting equine omega he is back to his handsome, self and feeling and looking better than ever!” Thanks again!” Chamberlyn Kilcrease

“We’ve been using Equine Omega Complete on four of our show horses and the results have been dramatic. They each have excellent coat condition, remain ulcer-free, easily maintain body weight and even remained happy and healthy with our cross-country move.  In fact, these four horses are leading the national AQHA point standings in their respective disciplines, and Equine Omega Complete has been a large part of this success!  Thank you for such an exceptional product.” Chris Lenhart

“I bought an OTTB who had be “rescued” and just thrown in a pasture for two years untouched. I knew when I got him he was crazy unhealthy and needed a big change quickly! So I started him on Equine Omega Complete. Two months later he looked like and acted like a completely different horse. As they say, “a healthy horse is a happy horse!” Two months of using this product and my horse did an entire 360 turn for the better! I’ve never seen any other supplement do what I’ve seen from Equine Omega Complete! It’s is truly amazing.” Claire Wood

“I’ve been using Equine Omega Complete for right at two years now. Since then I haven’t spent one moment contemplating switching supplements. It’s complete, it’s easy, it’s palatable and it works! These yearlings aren’t getting fed anything fancy besides Equine Omega Complete. Some oats and grass hay/alfalfa mix.  Tongue and cheek I call it my groom in a bottle…. but it’s the truth. This is their hair coat. Also, my farrier, who has no idea what I feed, comments all the time how good their feet look!  I couldn’t be happier with a product!  The horses health shines right through from inside out!” Heidi DeJong

“I’ve had my horse colic 3 times before trying Equine Omega Complete. Since I put my horse on this supplement, I’ve had NO trouble with colic. We have even been to world shows that last a whole week without any trouble. Besides that, his performance got much better, and he even looked better. This product really works wonders. I’ve been a believer in this for two years now, and I won’t go to anything else. It’s a must for all of my performance horses.” Hali Gonzalez

“Last year my beautiful mare April got REALLY sick. It started out as colic and quickly escalated to something else entirely. She was diagnosed with colitis but even that wasn’t the worst, she had Hepatitis! And she quit sweating. About the same time I had been seeing ads for Equine Mega Sweat. I had tried everything else and I thought I’d try EOS as she was miserable. By this time she had been sick for 3 weeks. She was on tons of antibiotics, which increased with the hepatitis diagnosis. She had lost about 200 pounds, and wasn’t interested in eating. I tried the Equine Mega Sweat and it worked! After using a month of the Sweat product, I put her on the Equine Omega Complete to see what would happen.  Well it’s been a long year but with the Equine Mega Sweat and the Equine Omega Complete and lots of love, my girl is back to her old self. Oh, and as a side benefit she is so calm and relaxed. Thank you so much for helping save my horse.” Krista

“When I love a product I tell everyone about it. And I am beyond thrilled at what Equine Omega Complete has done for our horses.  What Equine Mega Gain did for my hunt seat horse was beyond what I could have ever imagined. He has filled out beautifully. But the natural luster and shine of their coats are so amazing I can’t put into words how beautiful they look. His stomach was so touchy before using your products and now that is much improved. He was horrible for taking supplements and would not eat them if he saw them, but with Equine Omega Complete, he eats it without problem. So our barn and horses thank you so much for your world class products and amazing customer service. You have a life long customer and supporter/advertiser from us.“ Sondra Kaye Diseth

“I absolutely love this product, over all health, healthy weight, healthy mind, healthy joints, healthy gut, so simple to feed. Equine Omega Complete is the best all round supplement by far!!!! Have been using this product for over two years now! Thank you very much!” Yasemeen Iravani

“This is the best stuff on earth. We have several horses in our barn on this supplement. Not even a week after starting a horse on this, you can see a difference in their mood, behavior, their coat, and soundness. We will have our horses on this forever!” ‪Barbara Schaller Hershberger

“Our AQHA red Dunn gelding “High Brows Elvis” will be 22 this month. He grew up as a header in team roping and is now used for cutting events and barrel racing. Elvis has been on Equine Omega Complete for nearly a year now and has shown a great amount of improvement in his movement and joint soundness. He has the best coat we’ve ever seen on him and strong hooves. The most important thing to me is that all of our horses love it. I will continue to use Equine Omega Complete for all of my horses as well as share the benefits of it with friends.” Blaine Reilly

“All three of my rescue boys have made it so far! First picture is of Chase after a year of Equine Omega Complete and muscle building my boy is better than ever! Second picture is of Cash who came to me as an abuse rescue and after 3 months of Equine Omega Complete he’s amazing. Third is a picture of Bar who was terribly mistreated and way underweight. He is not 100% there yet but with Equine Omega Complete for only three weeks so far, he’s already looking better! Thanks!!” Braelyn Meivogel

“One of my absolute best success stories on EOC…just 30 days later this lovely fellow is moving better, shiny, hooves are improving AND he’s put on weight and muscle! Can’t wait to see what he looks like in 6 months!! Thank you so so much for these amazing products.” Brittany Massey

“I have had my horse on your product for about five months and in that time he has grown a lovely healthy coat and helped him gain weight and also has prevented him for injuring himself. Just want to thank you for this wonderful product and the health of my boy!!” Grace Kret

“Hi, my name is Ingrid! I’d like to share my horse story. I adopted a kill pen horse not too long ago and I lovingly named him Red. At the time, I didn’t know Red’s situation, just that he had a very easy temperament and was extremely underweight. After taking him to the vet, he had a full work up and had three decaying teeth pulled. The vet said that it would be difficult to add weight on him since the teeth were pulled and he would have a hard time chewing. He also told me Red was 26 years young! Which would also make it more difficult to get him back to a healthy weight. I found out about Equine Omega Complete when watching my favorite YouTuber, JetEventing. She mentioned the product and I did some research and wondered if this would help Red. I reached out to a very nice lady who contacted me about how I should start Red on the supplement. She also said it would be very safe for him and could benefit him in a number of ways. Since early September he has been on the supplement and you can definitely see the difference! His coat is shinier, he has more energy and he seems to be gaining some weight as well! I love the product so much that I’ve begun my other horse on Equine Omega Complete as well. She’s only been on it for a month but I can’t wait to see the results! Red still has some weight to gain but he’s looking good!” Ingrid DeAssis

“This is the result of my mare being on Omega Equine Complete for two months. I absolutely love this company and was introduced to it by Whitney Weston, one of your sponsored riders. Kahlua is happy, healthy and I get many compliments on her coat.” Julia Gallagher

“Hi there. My name is Tori and my horse’s name is Jackson. I’ve had him on Equine Omega Complete for a few months now and I’m very happy with the results I’ve seen. Everywhere I go I get compliments on how nice his coat is. He’s a gray so he’s hard to keep clean, but he has a healthy coat all year long because of O3 Complete. Jackson is also a little stiff so the anti-inflammatory and joint support really help. I’m very happy with the product and will continue using it for sure!” Victoria Boad

“I am the Michigan Quarter Horse Queen and we won the Queen’s horsemanship. Austin is on Equine Omega Complete and I think his hair coat in this picture shows how healthy it looks. Thanks for such a great and complete product!” Morgan Warda

“My horse Elliott who has always struggled with weight, before and after we started the Equine Omega Complete supplement. We also have to deal with him having PSSM. The supplement has been AMAZING to keep both problems in check. All the healthy ingredients keep his levels balanced which keeps his PSSM issues at bay, and his weight has never dropped down as much as it used to since starting the supplement. As an added bonus, he actually eats it!! He LOVES the taste, which is amazing knowing how picky of an eater he can be. Even though he’s now retired due to a spinal compression from birth, I still give him the supplement to keep him looking and feeling great and have not once been dissatisfied with it.” Reaghan Leigh Griffin

“Cody was a rescue, I purchased him sight unseen off a website from a kill pen. He was destined for slaughter and no one and I mean no one showed any interest in him. He was a 2 year-old thoroughbred in bad shape. He was eaten up with Ulcers, his feet were in terrible shape, and he had trouble eating anything other than Alfalfa. I started him on your products three months ago because he just wasn’t filling out well and today WOW! I swear by your products and recommend them to everyone I know!” Roxanne Greaser

“Equine Omega Complete has been one of the only product lines to consistently deliver results we can see and feel. We’ve watched dull, dry hair grow into shiny, full coats. We’ve had horses that can’t seem to keep weight on suddenly gain muscle and mass. We love our Equine Omega Complete, it’s a huge part of what keeps our horses happy and healthy.”  Beverly Jovais, Chestnut Hill

“A 4 year old that suffered really extreme neglect … he was in such bad shape, he shouldn’t have pulled through, and had even stopped sweating. He could eat hay, but feed made him sick. He had been hungry along time.  We were almost to late … but with the help of Equine Mega Sweat, and now Equine Omega Complete, he’s happily sweating, and has gained almost 400 pounds! He is beautiful, who would have known. It worked wonderful… so worth every penny.” Shawna Simmons

“All have been and are still getting Equine Omega Complete. This is a great product I see a big difference in their hair coat their attitudes and there movement all of my training horse will stay on it. Also my dogs love it they follow me around hoping some drops on the floor.” Tom Williams

“Just wanted to say how much I love your product, Equine Omega Complete. I have used it for 6 months now and can really see a difference in my horses since I started using it. It is the only supplement I use now. The photo is of my daughter Hannah Hammock and her mare A Venturous Redman, who we’ve really noticed a difference in. The mare is much calmer, but has not lost her competitive edge. The duo has had a lot of success placing at the 2016 AQHA youth world in stakes race and recently the Arkansas State Show Reserve Youth Barrel Racing Champion. Equine Omega Complete is truly a wonderful product!” Kim Hammock

“Hi there, I just wanted to reach out. I tried the Equine Omega Complete on my very difficult Grand Prix horse. He is extremely picky, with a history of ulcers and weight loss. It was a challenge for a long time to just keep weight on and keep him eating. Within a month I saw a huge difference in him. In 3 months, he was a totally different horse, even getting over 71% in the Grand Prix. He eats every bite of his food and his coat is so much shinier. I’m a huge believer in the product!!” Ryan Bell

“I am so excited about Equine Omega Complete. I have another amazing testimony to share about this amazing product! Two weeks ago Poison Rain and Brynn Campbell won the NSBA world in youth trail. Poison Rain or “Isaac” came to us the end of October 2015. At that time Issac was on a daily anti inflammatory as well as on monthly allergy shots.  Without the shots he would break out into horrible weeping hives all over his body! He was also cranky at times and resistant. Well, we got him and put him right away on Equine Omega Complete. As time went on, we were able to take him off the allergy shots and the daily anti-inflammatory medicine! He is sound and absolutely beautiful to watch moving! He has absolutely no hives, and as happy and willing as we could ask for. I am thrilled with his coat and condition and just feel that Equine Omega Complete has helped his body to become so in balance. Thank you for this wonderful product!” Dana Hokana

“We’ve used Equine Omega Complete for years and every horse in our barn is on it!!  We switched from Platinum Performance and couldn’t be happier with the results!! It’s definitely a must have for us. We use Equine Omega Complete for our riding horses and Equine Mega Gain for our halter horses!!  Their hair is so shiny and that’s a question we get a lot “what do you use for hair” and we always tell them about Equine Omega Complete. The biggest transformation we saw was a little horse we bought. He had been in a pasture was pretty coarse looking from the weather. In literally in two weeks it was a different horse, one of clients didn’t believe it was the same horse. His hair was slick, his weight was up and he looked great!!  Our horses have never looked better than they do on these products.  We really can’t say enough great things about Equine Omega Complete. We love it and are lifers!!!” Ryan and Andrea Kail, Kail Quarter Horses

“The results absolutely speak for themselves! Not only do the horses look fantastic, they noticeably feel different. They are so much more supple and fluid! People are shocked when I tell them Trumpeto is 24 years old! Everybody is constantly asking me what supplements I have my horses on because they saw their coat gleaming from a mile away. I’m proud to say, I used Equine Mega Gain, and now have them all on the Equine Omega Complete! After years of battling all kinds of expensive supplements and not achieving any results, this product has done it in 28 days! I can’t thank you enough, nor can my horses! All my friends, who barrel race are now putting their horses on the product as well! You kept your promise to me, now it’s my promise to keep it to you. Everywhere I go, whether it’s in the rodeo part of my traveling, or the polo part, I will always let everyone know what an amazing product this is and share it with everyone in my horse community! Every horse and owner deserves to see and feel results like I’ve seen and my horses have felt! I now have the oldest and best-looking horses on the farm! Again, thank you!” Katie, Trumpeto, Valentina, & Patrona

“I have all my horses on Equine Omega Complete including my broodmare. Stix never had a mane, tail, or forelock, and his coat didn’t shine. He’s older and has an intensive job. Before Omega he was sore and grumpy. Now he feels like a spring chicken again! He has a long mane, a forelock, and no longer has a bald spot on his tail! His dapples are amazing!  With my broodmare she needs that extra boost all-around and this supplement keep the weight on her, keeps her happy, and everything inside happy! My yearling is a growing girl and needed some love with her coat. This supplement helps distribute healthy weight distribution, strong feet, and brings out her true color, which is hard with a young one!  I love EOC and will continue to keep all my horses on it for life!” Bailey Alexander

“So I have one of my horses on Equine Omega Complete and the other on Equine Mega Sweat! The Sweat formula is the only thing that helps my gelding in the Texas summer heat. However, both my horses hold their weight better than ever, eat great on the road, and haven’t lost a shoe in years! As an added bonus their hair coats are amazing and shiny!! Absolutely love this stuff and don’t plan on taking my horses off it ever! Customer for life!” Lindsey McCracken

“Canterbury Farm absolutely loves the results we have seen in our show horses on the Equine Omega Complete and Equine Mega Gain. The product has improved their coats, ability to concentrate, weight gain and overall health noticeably in a short period of time.  We are very excited about this new sponsorship with O3 Animal Health and recommend this product to everyone involved in our sport.” Caitlyn Shiels – Canterbury Farms

“We have been using Equine Omega Complete for sometime now and the results are incredible! We started with my horses and now the entire barn is using it. Clients are very pleased with the results of such a complete product. Horses have shinny coats, stronger hooves and are healthier overall. You can see results as early as the first month and horses love the product! I would definitely recommend Equine Omega Complete to everyone involved in the top sport!” Oakland Ventures LLC – Darragh Kenny

“It hasn’t been that long and my horses are all starting to look really good. The grain that I have be feeding my horses for the past 8 years has been discontinued and I have been struggling to find a new feed that would make my horses look as good as they used to. We started out with some horses on the O3 Animal health products and after only one month they were all looking really good and shiny. We switched the rest of our competition horses to the product and they all seem to feel better and they look great. We have a 19 year-old dressage horse in the barn and I haven’t seen him look this good in years. He is moving better too!!! We have cut back on a lot of our regular supplements as the Equine Omega Complete covers most of the horses needs.” Mikala Munter Gundersen

“Equine Omega Complete is an amazing Overall Supplement, aiding everything from Joint Support to Hair Coat. Full Medal Jacket has never looked, felt and moved as well as he does since being on Equine Omega Complete. It is imperative that he stays healthy and fit all year round, however this product also helps during his busy breeding season. We are proud to support this great supplement and he will enjoy his daily dose for the rest of his life! You will not find a more beneficial and comprehensive product!” Robin Baker

“I started using Equine Omega products about three months ago and I couldn’t be happier with the results that I’ve seen so far. I’ve tried many different supplements and products on horses in our barn, from horses that either had trouble keeping weight on, dull coats, or poor hoof growth, all with little or no success. After using Equine Omega Complete the overall health of the horses has improved tenfold. We live in a very dry climate and in the cold winter months the horse’s manes and tails tend to dry out, their coats get dull and hooves become more brittle. In the last few months as our horses have been using Equine Omega Complete, their coats look shinier & their hooves look stronger than ever. One of our top horses is a hard keeper. He’s had ulcers in the past and is a bit high strung. He’s spent the last three months on Equine Mega Gain and I couldn’t believe the difference in his weight, muscle development, and overall happiness. His attitude has changed, his weight looks better than ever, and he is one happy healthy horse. All of my show horses are now on Equine Omega Complete. Our horses are happier and healthier thanks to these amazing products, and I’m excited to continue to see results heading into the next show season.” Kevin Winkel – Maplewood Stables

“We have seen dramatic improvement in body condition, hair coats and overall appearance after using Equine Omega. All of our breeding stallions are on the program and all the benefits are hard to list.  Great product.” Amy Gumz – Gumz Farms

“Christmas is right around the corner but it seems this year we get our presents a little bit early at the barn. Equine Omega Complete will be supporting my horses with their outstanding products!! Each horse in my team will have a stronger immune and digestive system and beautiful shining coats. Thank you O3 Animal Health!” Juan Matute Guimon

“We’ve put all of our horses on the Equine Omega Complete after Rosevelt’s general condition improved after being on the product for one month. My horses are glossy, they seem to sweat better, recover quicker after workouts, and have a glow about them that some in the past have been unable to maintain in the fall after traveling to FL. I have a couple of older gentlemen in our barn that definitely seem less arthritic and their coats have never looked better!! It is very easy to feed and extremely palatable. I like simple solutions and Equine Omega Complete is definitely one for feeding top performance horses. They all really look great!! One of our older horses looks and feels so good! We are happy that he has the energy!!” Allison Brock – Allison Brock Dressage

“We have just begun to use Equine Omega Complete on several of our top show horses and are loving the results already. The horses are holding their weight better through training and showing, seem happier in their jobs and their hair coats are beautiful. We’ve also noticed less lactic acid build up in muscles, better hoof growth and health and best of all they love it and eat it all! We recommend it to anyone looking for that extra edge in the health and performance of their horses.”Martin Muehlstaetter

“I’ve been a horse trainer since 1999. Though my specialty is now reining, throughout the years I’ve trained diverse breeds and many disciplines. With so many products on the market to assist our performance horses, I’ve been excited and let down many times with supplements and feed additives that just don’t seem to do anything. Equine Omega Complete changed my opinion. THIS product does what it claims it can. My stallion, for example, had rubbed his long, thick mane off due to a food allergy about two years ago. During the past two years nothing I did seemed to help him re-grow his once beautiful mane. I put him on Equine Omega Complete for a 90 day trial and was blown away at the hair re-growth. His mane is on its way back to being full and long and overall his coat has shine to it that I’ve not seen on him before. During the trial, I also put a very hard-to-keep gelding on Mega Gain and was very pleased to find that horse maintaining his weight even with a rigorous show schedule. My whole barn is now on Equine Omega Complete. This product turned me, a skeptic, into a believer. Thanks EOC!” Deanna Lally

“I just wanted to say how much I LOVE Equine Omega Complete! After having my horses on it for a couple weeks now, I’m already seeing huge changes across the board. I’ve never been so excited about a supplement for my horses!” Charity Swift, Charity Swift Performance Horses.

“After a little over 45 days, I will be a life long customer of Equine Omega Complete. Thank you Kathleen Downs for turning me on to this AMAZING product. When I bought Farrah she had just come off of her first big growth spurt and I wanted something that would help her overall development. Omega Complete WAS THE ANSWER! she quickly packed on the pounds and her coat look great!! She is starting up another growth spurt and so far Equine Omega has helped her keep weight on while growing. I am so excited about this filly. THANK YOU EQUINE OMEGA COMPLETE!” Jane Rollison

“I love this product! Better yet my horses LOVE IT! They lick the feed dish clean and my mare is very picky about her feed and supplements! I have seen a big difference in just 30 days using it and was able to cut out all previous supplements. This product has saved me money as I am no longer feeding multiple pre-packed supplements and my horses are looking and feeling great with quiet minds. On my third order!” ‪Debra Olson

“I’ve used Equine Omega Complete on two really crippled horses, a 12 yr old western pleasure mare that was too crippled to ride.  In two months she was in the show pen packing a 4H kid. The other was a 5 yr old gelding. The vet had told the owners they would never be able to ride him because of bad ankles and hocks. He’s been on Equine Omega Complete for 90 days. We have him in training for all round and he will be showing in 90 more days if he stays sound. We are very pleased‬!” ‪Paul Carruth

“I have personally tried many of the popular, widely used horse supplements. With many of them I saw no results! But I have NEVER seen as dramatic results as I have with Equine Omega Complete! My show horse’s coats look better than they ever have. Their colors are richer and more beautiful than I have ever seen them. My 21-year-old stallion’s fertility rate went from 90% to 100% this year. And we bred and shipped to some difficult mares this year. I am thrilled with the product and encourage every horse owner who loves their horse like we do to put their horse on this great product!” Dana Hokana

“Just an update on my first month of Equine Omega Complete. First subject is my 13yo equitation horse. I have always had a problem with soft, crumbly feet that lose shoes all the time. I have already seen a tremendous improvement in the quality and texture of his feet – they are stronger than ever. My Farrier was able to shoe him without any artificial patches. This is the first time in 2 years! He now comes out more willing to work – I can tell he’s feeling more comfortable in his joints. Lead changes are smoother, pulling less and overall looks like a sounder, happier horse. No matter what supplements I have him on, his skin and coat always looked like they were lacking something. This is the first time in three years he is actually glowing!!! There is something special happening to this horse from the inside out. I have changed nothing in his program and am so impressed with what I am seeing. If this is 4 weeks in, I can’t wait to see what will happen in another month! My other horse is just coming back into work after some time off for an injury. He has a back ankle that has some chronic inflammation that contributes to some unsoundness. Since starting Equine Omega Complete I have seen the inflammation drop to almost none. First time in two years!! I was able to take him off an expensive monthly NSAID medication and my vet has been out twice and can’t believe the results.  He’s also been a slightly anxiety-prone horse. He’s been difficult to keep looking like a fat, healthy hunter during the show season. He gets upset and worked up when horses leave, if he’s the last one outside, etc. He has probably gained 50+ lbs in weight over the last month and is filling out through his top line while being in very light work. I was contemplating clipping him. Since being on this product he’s glossed up and clipping isn’t necessary – even though several people asked when I had time to clip him;)I love the product!! I can’t wait to order more! I sent my equitation horse back to Ohio with EOC. Hopefully the barn  jumps on board! I wish they made this for people!” Jenny Schutzler

“I just wanted to brag on your products a little bit! I am beyond impressed with what the Mega Gain has done to help my recently imported German horse (been here since Dec) bulk up. He’s only been on it about 2 weeks and I already see a massive difference. Jacob Fletcher recommended I give it a try and I am so happy with the results this far. I can’t wait to see what results are to come and for sure plan on switching him to the Complete!” Victoria Garland

“I’ve been using both the Omega Complete and Omega Gain in my barn for a few months. I used the Mega Gain on a on an underweight Thoroughbred gelding with a rough and dry coat. He had marked improvement in both his coat and weight with the bonus of no added energy. I used the Equine Omega Complete with my Thoroughbred jumper mare that has always needed a substantial amount of hay and grain in order to keep weight on. She is also very sensitive to high-energy feeds like alfalfa and is easily hyped up. After going through both gallons of the complete her coat has never looked more amazing and I am now able to back off on some of her expensive high-energy grain! She is feeling fantastic, looking amazing and I couldn’t be happier! Hard keepers are fat and shinny, anxious horses are more relaxed and happy, and my picky eaters are licking their buckets clean! What it comes down to is this is simply the best multi purpose supplement out there! My horses and I couldn’t be happier!” Audrie Kerr

“Good story for you.  My boy Dually was on EOC when I got him.  He had been a western pleasure horse, had developed stifle issues, had a trailer mishap that created a neck problem and also survived EPM. I kept him on it for a long time but did wonder if it was actually doing him any good.  I stopped giving it to him and he was fine for about 30 days.  Then he started having some lameness issues.  Originally thought it might be a shoe issue but we ruled that out.  Over the course of a few weeks, he went from being completely sound, to being a 4 on the lameness scale in both front feet.  We did x-rays and a nerve block to find the problem and the vet diagnosed it as “heel pain” and the word navicular came up.  His suggestion, corrective shoes, a week of bute and 60 days stall rest, then re-evaluate. I’m not a fan of stall rest, for lots of reasons.  I started thinking maybe taking him off the EOC had something to do with the lameness.  I ordered a couple gallons, loading dosed him for a week and within days saw improvement. No stall rest. No work of course but free to wander in his paddock.  After 10 days, he showed zero lameness.  We did lots of hand walking for about 4 weeks and now he’s now back to a normal dosage and he’s 100% sound.  Great product!  Don’t ever change a thing.” Lisa Odom

“We couldn’t be happier with Equine Omega Complete! I’ve been feeding it to our horses for about a year and they have never been healthier! Their coats shine, we have not had issues with ulcers, and their overall performance has been fantastic. That is evidenced by our recent trip to the PHBA World Show in Tunica, Mississippi. We came back with 5 world championships, 4 reserve championships, 2 reserve youth Golden Horse awards, 1 Champion novice amateur Golden Horse award, and top 10 performances in over 20 classes. The horses did well in the heat and the 17-hour trip to get there. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that is looking to improve the horse’s overall health! Thanks!” Gary & Julie

“I love Equine Omega Complete. My whole barn is on it. My horses are more focused and jump better. I have never had so many dapples on every horse. Equine Omega Complete healed two horse’s summer sores. We live in south Louisiana and every horse had a successful summer despite our high heat and humidity. I am one very happy customer.” Diane Disimone Sambola

“Since starting my horses on Equine Omega Complete they just look better overall. Their hair coats are beautiful, the 3 year olds and show horses that are working hard are healthier and stay sound through the work and travel. Even with intense work, showing or hauling, the horses are holding their weight, are less stressed and more able to focus on the task in hand. This makes them more trainable and productive! Even keeping my hard keepers has become easy. We love Equine Omega Complete and would recommend it to everyone!” Russ Carroll Performance Horses

“I used the Omega on my Thoroughbred who is very very hard keeper. Before starting it he was on 18lbs of grain a day, plus hay, and grass pasture. He was still ribby and we were heading into the show season. I hated horse shows because he would drop weight every time. He was on high quality grain, but nothing helped. I tried all the weight additives they either made him hot or didn’t work. I reached out to Stephanie and asked about Omega. I decided to go ahead and try it, and it changed my TB. He now looks AMAZING, the best he ever has. He is filled out and I am back to riding 5 days week. When we go to shows he does not drop weight like he used to. I have even been able to back off the grain to 9 lbs a day!! This really changed our lives, I am now an advocate and recommend this to everyone.” Shelby Bluthardt

“In January of this year Charm lacerated the point of her hock in turn out. Even though she was treated immediately the bursa of the hock became infected. Charm had her hock flushed five times to get the infection under control. Once the infection ceased the wound would not heal. The point of the hock is one of the worst places for a horse to have a wound. I put Charm on the Equine Omega Complete and within two weeks it had healed. I was in shock! The inflammation in her leg had gone down and she seemed more comfortable. I had finished the first gallon of Equine Omega Complete and was a little lazy about getting her on the product again. Once I did I noticed another transformation. Her coat had improved, she seemed more relaxed and the leg looked better again. She still had inflammation but once she started back on the Equine Omega Complete I noticed it had gone down. Charm is still recovering but seems to be getting healthier every day. I am so pleased with the Equine Omega that I have taken her off the other supplements I had her on. She doesn’t need them. Thank you for making a great supplement that can help so many issues horses may have. Charm just turned five in April. She was just beginning her career in the Hunter ring. I hope, with time, she will be able to have that career. Either way she will remain on Equine Omega Complete and I will recommend the supplement to my clients and friends.”Jenn Tirrell

“I started all my horses on Equine Omega Complete last year and the results are outstanding. My horses have never looked and felt so good. I have a few picky eaters and started them on the Equine Mega Gain and within a week the clients could not believe the difference in weight gain with no bad side effects. I get complements all the time on how great my horses coats look. It’s a great product.” Missy Froley, Hunter Bay Farm

“We placed our entire show string of horses on the Equine Omega Complete products about 7 months ago and have seen outstanding results. Immaculate hair coats, better feet, improved movement, no excess energy and good gut support. The horses seem happier, more willing to do their jobs; are holding their weight while traveling and showing, and they eat it up! We love this product!” Michael Hoyt Performance Horses

“I’m thrilled with the difference I see in my horses. Their coats look beautiful and they’re maintaining their weight with less grain. I have several young horses from various management backgrounds and Equine Omega Complete has leveled the playing field. The youngsters that came to me looking a little rough, from travel, poor management or other factors have caught up with the other young horses and you would have no idea that some of them started off looking less than fabulous just a few weeks ago. I am confident riding into the show ring knowing that my horses are healthy inside and out thanks to Equine Omega Complete.” Paige Cade, Country Fox Farm

“I have been a big believer in supplementing both myself and animals with healthy fats for improved performance and coat condition for several years now. I’ve have tried most of what’s available – Flax, rice bran, various oils, and combination powders with mixed and varying results. In my increased awareness of keeping feeding programs as simple, and as least processed as possible, I came across Equine Mega Gain.  I have had my 18 year-old Hanoverian stallion, Cabalito, on it for over 4 months now and at the height of his busy breeding and show season, he looks spectacular! When he recently returned to the show ring competing in the National Hunter Derbies after several years off, people could not stop telling me how amazing he looked. The combination of great farrier and vet care, lots of turnout, high quality feed, and the addition of Equine Mega Gain, he has just bloomed – his “spring dapples” have lasted 3 months! I am now a believer in this product!” Anne Hedge, Whitehedge Farm

“I have been feeding Equine Omega Complete for several months to our Halter show horses and foals, pony horses and barrel horses. I have noticed a massive difference in their digestive health especially with our younger Halter horses that are picky and cranky at the shows. The pony horses are holding their weight a lot better and have more energy. It has put a big bloom on our foals and mares, which is critical towards this time of year with weaning and getting ready for major futurities. I would recommend it to anyone that’s looking for the extra edge.” Rose Santos, Rose Santos Show Horses

“We are beyond thrilled with your products!  Though our horses have only been on Equine Omega Complete for a short time, their coats are gleaming, they have been performing great and they all seem to have happier bellies!  Everyone should give this product a try, it will not disappoint!  We look forward to a very long partnership with this company!” Brandon and Jocelyn Gibson, Select Sport Horses

“My horse Regent grew very tall, he was thin and his muscles were under developed. It was hard putting weight on him and he was a very picky eater. After starting him on Equine Mega Gain and then transferring him onto the Equine Omega Complete, Regent is eating everything and he now looks forward to feeding time. He is gaining weight and his performance level is increasing. I must say he is looking fantastic and is overall so much happier. Ideal weight, better joint health, increased suppleness, faster recovery without adding negative energy are just a few of the benefits I have seen so far. I am putting all my competition horses on these products and am proud to endorse them.” Shawna Harding, Shawna Harding Dressage Horses

“After using Omega supplements for my own health with great results I was excited to find a quality product to use on my horses. Joint health, gut health and a shiny coat are just some of the added benefits I have experienced while adding Equine Omega Complete to my horses diet. After using it on five or six select horses for a period of six months, I am putting all 50 horses in my barn on it. It’s that good. Don’t be fooled, quality is the key to results when using omega products.”  Hope Glynn

“The ONLY supplement my horses receive is Equine Omega Complete. They are all healthy, shiny and happy as they compete across the nation.” Jason Wanderer 

“I have been using Equine Omega Complete since the very beginning. Needless to say, I was impressed at the improvement and results that my horses benefited from EOC. Every horse in my barn gets it twice a day. From pleasure horses, cow horses, rope horses, to hunt seat horses, Equine Omega Complete has improved the health, function, and quality of all my livestock. It is the only supplement I have ever believed in that I trust to give my horses and is the only thing I recommend to all horse owners that want to help their horses improve in, and out of the arena.” Tate Oakley, Tate Oakley Show Horses

“For 2015 I put all of my horses that were competing at HITS Thermal on Equine Mega Gain.  Despite the hardship of 9 straight weeks of competition, none of my horses showed any signs of the complications that typically arise from such arduous competition.  They all returned home with a beautiful bloom and normal weight.  This was the first year that I did not have to treat for scratches, hives or other skin conditions that typically crop up when in the desert.  This photo was taken of “Le Co Q As” week 8 after showing the full circuit. His coat looked amazing and he was at perfect weight. He drank your product daily and I fully accredit his turn out to Equine Mega Gain!! Upon return I put every horse in my care on this supplement.”  Meredith Herman, Burgundy Farms, Inc.

LOVE LOVE my Equine Omega Complete. We have a lot of Horses around us sick with Colic and upper respiratory problems.  Since my Horses are on the EOC they are all healthy and happy. Their fur isn’t shaggy and dull especially with that weather we been having here in Georgia. Our new Mare is on Mega Gain and only after 3 weeks she looks fantastic. She had a bad sore on her shoulder and that also healed up in no time, so very HAPPY I found this supplement. Oh and my German Shepherds love licking out the buckets when there is still some EOC left in it. Customer service gets 5 stars and the shipping is super fast! Manuela Fernandez-Biskup

“Winter came to us underweight and with a dull coat. He’d always struggled to put weight on. We tried putting weight on him by increasing his grain and hay intake with little success. After putting him on the Equine Mega Gain and after 30 days, we started to notice a positive difference in his weight. After 60 days, Winter’s ribs were no longer visible, and we switched him over the Equine Omega Complete. I highly suggest these products for putting weight on hard keepers.” Josh Barnacle | Barnacle Eventing

“I am currently using Equine Omega Complete on my Warmblood gelding and off the track Thoroughbred mare. They had been two high maintenance horses before we started using your product. The gelding has VERY bad problems with ulcers, colicing, and keeping weight on. The mare had very bad feet and joints. Your product has helped both tremendously! I was spending between $80-130 a month in a cocktail of supplements and have dropped them ALL for your product! The horses have so much good usable energy, no lameness, the most beautiful coats they have ever had and seem so much happier and healthier! Thank you so much for helping these two, they have been in the family for awhile now and were looking at retirement before your product, but not anymore!” P.S. “My gelding, used to eat a three string of alfalfa a week, now he gets no alfalfa and a scoop less a day. Can’t say enough about your product! Thank you so much!” Heather Pope


“I have been using Equine Omega Complete products for about 3 years. My horse Moonie quit sweating three years ago and we happened to come across your sweat product. He was on the verge of death and within 3 days of using Equine Mega Sweat, he began to sweat again and I was even able to rodeo on him that summer. We had tried every product you can think of to get him to sweat and Equine Mega Sweat is the only thing that kept him alive. I put my horse Ghost on the Equine Omega Complete about 2 years ago and have never looked back. He is the main horse I compete on and is a hard keeper. The vitamins keep him fit and feeling great. Since I started giving Ghost the Equine Omega Complete he has run harder and better than he ever has. And he loves it!” Bailee Snow

“Charlie has been on Equine Omega Complete for approx 3 years. I love the product! Charlie’s hair coat is beautiful and he is healthy and happy. Easy to use and it helps keep these athletes performing at their best.” Linda Coakley

“Equine Omega Complete is an outstanding equine supplement product. My entire horse show line-up benefits daily from this product in their performance, appetite, & appearance.”  Reid Thomas, Reid Thomas Performance Horses

“I wanted to give you an update since I’ve been using the Omega Equine products. You were very helpful with which to use for our show gelding. I started him on the Equine Mega Gain. He is a big 16.3, but always seemed a bit underweight looking even though he was well fed! After finishing that product I could really see a difference. Then I switched him over to Equine Omega Complete. He has maintained his weight, plus his hair coat is so shiny! Whenever he is out, someone is telling me how beautiful his coat is! I have recommended this product to other people as I am happy with it. Looking forward to the show season! Have a great holiday!”Janet Valdes

“In summary this product the Equine Omega Complete supplement works wonders. Chase is able to be on one supplement that works to not only take care of his brittle feet but also help with his respiratory issues and guard his joints as he works harder and gets older.  I would recommend this product to everyone it is a phenomenal product that produces results and is a “one stop shop” for many different problems that horses today face.  Chase gained almost 100 pounds while on this and made his coat even shiner as well as fixing his slight issues physically.  This product truly does work.” Taylor Day

“I am thrilled to be joining the Equine Omega Complete team, and can’t say enough about how great their line of products are. All of my competition horses are on Equine Omega Complete, and I use the Equine Mega Gain on my hard to keep thoroughbreds. Within days, you will see a radical positive change in the horses’ coats, and your farrier will forever thank you for the strong growth in their hooves. Read on the website for all of the other great benefits from using this product. I promise, if you try it out, you won’t want just one jug!” Jacob Fletcher

“We have had such outstanding results with both Equine Mega Gain and Equine Omega Complete that we are utilizing it for all the horses in our barn. These products are superb for helping horses hold their weight when they travel and show, joint support, beautiful hair-coats and overall health.” Kara Love, KMC Farms

“I typically have about 23 head in my barn at one time.  As we all know this summer was hotter than most.  I was having a hard time with some of my horses not sweating, but I began to notice that all the ones getting the Equine Omega Complete didn’t seem to have a problem, so I thought, “alright, I’ll just try out a little experiment.”  I started giving the horses that weren’t sweating the daily dose of Equine Omega Complete.  Within two days I could see a big difference in the condition of those horses.  Since then I’ve had no problems.  I would recommend Equine Omega Complete to anyone having the same issues.”  Jeff Honey, Jeff Honey Quarter Horses

“I was introduced to Equine Omega Complete some time ago by my vet when we encountered sore muscles, particularly hamstrings and had outstanding results! Since meeting you and finding all the benefits of your product, I am completely sold. The weight maintenance, hair coats and hoof condition have improved greatly, and I also feel our joint management has been greatly affected. All my horses are now on Equine Omega Complete. Thank you!” Leonard Berryhill

“We have outstanding results feeding Equine Omega Complete to all of our top show horses. Equine Omega Complete improves hair coat, weight gain and overall attitude. We don’t feed without it!” Murray Griggs & Jill Newcomb Show Horses

“I have turned 3 horses completely around on Equine Omega Complete. Skin coat, hoofs, and digestion, all things from head to toe improved in just 30 days. Love EOC. No doubt in my mind you should try this product for yourself, you will be astounded by the difference.” Kim McDavitt

“Since being introduced to Equine Omega Complete, I have noticed improvement in hair coats, hoof condition, joint issues and overall health of the horses.  I started the supplement with my daughter’s 25 year-old gelding – the response was overwhelming!  Now all the horses in the barn receive Equine Omega Complete. I’m extremely pleased with the results!  It’s the all-around supplement for the all-around horse!” Mark Dunham, Mark Dunham Quarter Horses

“I have been using Equine Omega Complete for the past ten years. This is the first product I have felt strongly enough about use on every single horse in my barn. I have had outstanding results with it on all our show horses. These horses travel and compete extensively, and I find that Equine Omega Complete gives them the additional support they need to do their jobs and feel great.  Equine Omega Complete has improved their joints, hoof condition, overall conditioning and, of course, their hair coats are immaculate. In addition, since using the product, we have had no problems with colic, tying up or other stress and travel related incidents. Our program produced three AQHA World Show Champions in the 2013 year and each of those horses was on Equine Omega Complete.  I would recommend it to anyone.” Nancy Renfro Performance Horses


“I’ve been training horses for 25 years and I have never had a supplement do what Equine Omega Complete does, from muscle tone to Anhidrosis, it is the best. In 2010 we had the Jr. Western Pleasure champion at the AQHA Congress, the AQHA World Champion, the 2 Year-Old Western Pleasure and the Reserve World Champion in Jr. Western Pleasure. All of these horses were on Equine Omega Complete, and it really made the difference!” Gil Galyean Performance Horses

 “Equine Omega Complete is the first product on the market that I have felt strong enough about to introduce into my entire program.  We have seen dramatic improvement in all our horses from non- sweaters to poor hair coats. Thank you for such an outstanding product.” Robin Frid, Robin Frid Show Horses

“I have been a supporter and user of EOC before Pete ever put it in the market. At the current time, I worked for Rusty and Katie Green and EOC had our horses looking, feeling, and moving unbelievable. We took 8 horses to the Congress that year and walked away with 8 Congress Champions, I truly believe EOC had a huge helping hand in achieving that milestone. Now owning my own business and caring for many of my own and my customers’ horses I still use EOC and stand behind the product 110%. From the original Equine Omega Complete, the Equine Mega Sweat or Equine Mega Gain, you will not be disappointed in the results. I can’t thank Pete and his team enough for what they do in creating an all-inclusive supplement that keeps my horses looking and feeling great. Also giving me piece of mind that my horses get the nutrition they need to compete at a highly intense level.” Tate Oakley

“I’ve been using Equine Omega Complete for over a year now for my four horses. I have a 19 year-old retired thoroughbred (hunter/dressage), a 13 year old Quarterhorse family horse and two 11 year old Dressage show horses (one Hanovarian and one Dutch/Westphalian). All have changed so much in the past year. Equine Omega Complete helped to stop my Quarterhorse’s regular colic episodes, my retired guy has been off Omeprozole since starting the oil and my two show horses definitely benefit all over – coat, joints, energy levels etc. I love the oil and will continue with it for a long time! Thank you for the great product and personal service!” Kelly Parsons, Rolling Rock Stables

“How important is Equine Omega Complete? Well, to my two year old. It meant the difference between standing in his stall, locked up on the hindquarters and looking forward to more stifle injections. Introduce Equine Omega Complete – BAM… within two weeks, walking out freely, back in training, beautiful shiny coat, happy, healthy, and full of mischief doing what this amazing horse was bred to do… “Be a winner.” So, how important is it? I speak for myself and the whole Hold Your Horses Equestrian Team – we stand behind Equine Omega Complete.” Hold Your Horses Equestrian Team

“We have several horses in a full time training and showing atmosphere and need ulcer preventatives as well as overall joint, coat and hoof care. Since using Equine Omega Complete I have seen a drastic improvement in the ulcer symptomatic horses, they have never been happier. Not only do they feel good, they also are looking great, my show horses coats look fantastic. Equine Omega Complete is also a very convenient, all in one feed through supplement that makes graining time at our busy barn a breeze.” Wheeler Performance Horses

“When I first starting using Equine Omega Complete I used it only on my competition horses.  I have had great results with fast recovery, preventing ulcers and beautiful coats.  I was so happy with the product I put my breeding horses on Equine Omega Complete as well, and have found it helps with reproductive health.  This is an amazing all around product that will benefit every horse, whether competition, trail riding or breeding.” Eden Valley Stables

  “Last year at the Reichert Celebration we were introduced to Equine Omega Complete supplement oil due to the necessity brought forth by a non-sweating mare.  Once introduced to the Equine Mega Sweat the mare started to sweat within a 24-hour period post treatment.  At a later date the same mare was diagnosed with Navicular disease.  Once the mare was brought back to the ranch we decided to start treating her with our Acuscope/Myoscope instruments to relieve pain and increase circulation to the affected areas.  We discussed the possibility of using Equine Omega Complete to also help with the symptoms of Navicular disease.  Pete told us of the new product that was still within the trial stages that worked specifically on Navicular cases, and we decided to give it a shot.  Wow!  What an excellent product!  Coupling the Equine Omega Complete supplement to the treatment protocol of the Acuscope/Myoscope was the best decision we have ever made!  I cannot raise enough praise to Equine Omega Complete for giving me my horse back.  Currently her symptoms have been greatly decreased, and she is being worked without any discomfort.  Each day she shows increasing improvement within not only her movement, but also her spirit and attitude.  Not a feeding goes by without Equine Omega Complete.  Currently we are incorporating Equine Omega Complete into treatment protocols for other horses at our ranch, and they are showing marked improvement as well. Once again, we thank Pete and Equine Omega Complete for the introduction of such a wonderful product!” Dick & Heidi Mc Nair, Mc Nair Farms, LLC.

“In September 2011 my Cowboy Mounted Shooting horse MCM Leo La Jolla “Leo” had a muscle collapse in his neck. We were told that he would never run again. Dr. Weller our acupuncturist recommended we try Equine Omega Complete. As of March 2012 I was able to ride him again. In April 2012 at the CMSA National Championship Leo set his second World Record and came in 4th overall. I now have all of my horses on Equine Omega Complete and love how much it helps calm their nervousness and filling out young horses!” Amanda Cook 

“I tried one horse first and saw a definite change in her appetite and weight gain after one month. So I decided to try the whole barn. I am almost four weeks into it and I am very pleased. Their hair looks great, they are eating well, energy level has actually decreased and I am not having any of the muscle soreness like we’ve had in the past. I’m sold!” Jeff Allen | Sweet Tomorrow Farm

“In the past, it was very rare that we’d recommend supplements to a customer but after personally witnessing the results that Equine Omega Complete produces, we highly recommend it to all.  The gleam it puts on a hair coat and its ability to add weight is second to none.  We’ve had customers supply other oils and omega supplements for their horses by popular companies but they pale in comparison and simply aren’t worth purchasing.   We can say without a doubt that Equine Omega Complete has made us believers!” May Edwards

“Thank you Equine Omega Complete! Freckles, a 10 year-old paint gelding, had feet and joint problems. He is now barefoot and running around happily in the pasture. He is requiring less food reducing his feed bill and the vet has not been needed except for routine yearly exams. I would recommend this great product to anyone who owns a horse. Results will be seen in their hair coat, weight, feet, joints, and personality.” Kathy

“We wanted to let you know how impressed we are with the Equine Omega Complete. We have a mare here at the ranch that was doing really well this summer and we started having trouble with her being back sore, tight in her hamstrings and did not want to swing her hind legs. We made an appointment at the vet and the first thing they had us do is put her on the Equine Omega Complete. Within a week we could see a huge difference, her mood changed almost instantly. She is back to being the horse we had when we got her. We will be putting all the horses on the Equine Omega Complete.” Troy and Alicia Compton, Troy Compton Quarter Horses

“I love Equine Omega Complete, and so does my horse! Prior to feeding this oil to my horse, Sheza Streakin Bully (Dixie), I was giving her Regumate daily. Dixie was not eating all of her grain, and she always appeared to be body sore and very grouchy. She was very difficult to catch – even in her stall. I had taken Dixie to several vets, several times. She did not have any reproductive issues or major soreness that would cause her as much discomfort as she appeared to be in. I stopped giving her Regumate when I decided to try Equine Omega Complete. I honestly did not think that the oil would make a difference in my horse. WOW – I WAS SHOCKED!! She instantly started eating all of her grain, and every day she got better & better. I have a completely different horse!! Dixie now whinnies every time I walk in the barn, and I can catch her without being afraid of getting kicked! She is a much happier horse! Dixie rides SO much better and wants to work and do her job! Not to mention that her coat and hooves look great also. THANK YOU Equine Omega Complete for an amazing product!!!” Crystal Haskins, 2012 Amateur Barrel Racing Congress Champion

“My longtime friend Erin suggested to me probably about year ago that I should start my mare on EOC. Well long story short I didn’t. So fast forward to Congress and the Super Sale; I purchased a gelding that blew his hair coat, was constantly itchy with gobs of whatever hair he had falling out, his feet were/are terrible (crumbly and thin hoof wall) and his overall body condition was horrible. With Erin’s help and advice, she got me in touch with Robin, our Canadian Rep, and within 2 days I had Gordon on EOC. After a mere 3 weeks, he looks like a completely different horse. His coat has come back shiny and new, he not itchy and just his overall condition have improved tremendously!! He’s finally filling out and looking awesome!! Thank you!!” Patti Seiller

“We have tried several different supplements on the market and hadn’t found one that we really liked.  Since starting our entire barn on Equine Omega Complete we have had less injections, better hair coats, and have not had to use any kind of digestive aid with our hectic show schedule. Thanks for the great product we love it!” Brent and Amanda Specht, B.A.S. Show horses

“I have a 9 yr old mare who needed more weight.  After three months, Not only is she now holding more weight, but her coat condition and attitude are greatly improved. She is very happy to ‘do her job’ and it shows as she goes around the ring.  I have seen this same result in other horses I have had in the past. I won’t ever give up my Equine Omega Complete!!  Thanks!” Becky J. Hodge

“I honestly haven’t kept good track of the days, but I would say that I have had my 2 horses on Equine Omega Complete for at least 30 days. I have a yearling appendix filly that is predicted to reach 17 hands and is growing like a weed. I’ve been watching her diet very closely as I wanted the perfect mixture of nutrients that would support her rapid growth, but not encourage it as I wanted her to develop correctly everywhere, especially her legs as she was beginning to show signs of possible Epiphisitis. Just this past week I was beginning to notice a change in her coat from the EOC, but the 3 weeks prior to that I noticed a change in: 1. Being appendix she’s so tall and lanky, but she’s begun to fill out and has a nice chest and hip on her. 2. Her hooves are filling out, no more little baby hooves! 3. Her legs are straightened out and are beautiful! I’ve never seen such solid legs and perfectly angled pasterns on such a young, fast growing horse. 4. She’s always been built down hill, like many youngsters, but her withers and hip are actually even now! She literally looks like a mini hunter under saddle show horse. And like I said, just in the past few days I’ve also noticed the change in her coat. My other mare’s coat got shiny almost instantly but I think it took a little longer for my filly’s coat because her body was using all the EOC for everything internal and for growing. As for my other horse, she is a 10 year old QH that I have had for 7 years, unlike my filly I know this horse inside and out and so I was truly able to see all of her changes compared to the last 7 years. As I mentioned earlier, her coat began to get shiny almost instantly. Other changes that I noticed: 1. She has ALWAYS had very small stool. She’s never been colicky or had ulcers, so I was never too concerned but it has always been very tiny piles. Now, her piles of stool just about break the pitchfork! But seriously, they are big, healthy looking stools. 2. She’s a solid mare but when she’s not being worked you can tell she’s lacking muscle in her back and hind end. Since she’s been on EOC she’s constantly filled out. Her bodyweight is perfect and she has great muscle tone, and she’s hardly getting worked right now. 3. Like I said, she’s hardly getting worked right now with my busy work schedule, but I went to lunge her the other day and although she’s out of shape, she’s never moved so fluidly and beautifully. My mom was walking by and she even stopped and stared in awe. So in other words, I love Equine Omega Complete!!” Cally Lynne Matthews

“I would like to introduce to you a purebred Arabian who just turned 29 in February. In 2013 she started to lose weight no matter how much feed that I fed her. I tried several different feeds and weight gain products with no success at all. I moved to a much cooler climate and she still showed very little change. I had found your company online and I wanted to try but I put it off for several months. She did not show any improvements and in fact seemed to be going downhill fast. She did not even have the energy to come running when it was feeding time. I finally took the step that would change both of our lives. I ordered Equine Mega Gain. The first month I could see some considerable weight gain. By the end of the second month I was so astonished by the improvement. She now looks as good as she did at 19. Right now she now has a flat back and her shoulders and rump all filled out. She glistens like a copper penny. She is back to her fiery self and now I am comfortable taking her on short trail rides. I can’t thank Equine Omega Complete enough their products have given me several more years with the most amazing horse that I will ever know. She has been with me since she was 4. I am so grateful for the extra time I will now have with her because Equine Omega Complete put her back to great health. Thank you so much.” Kristie Smith

“It was nice talking to you Monday. Like I was telling you, when my 23 year-old thoroughbred gelding, eventing horse turned foxhunter, started on Equine Omega Complete he wasn’t holding his weight and was suffering from arthritis. Within a month he was putting on pounds and moving better than he had in years. My dad put me onto the supplement when he heard about it on a hunting trip. I was skeptical to try another gimmick, but have been amazed at the results. This supplement is everything you say it is. Thanks.” Natalie

“I would like to say how wonderful your product is!  I work with Mark Dunham at Mark Dunham Quarter Horses, and he is who recommended your product.  I have a 22 year-old QH gelding that has problems stopping up when he is stalled.  I have tried other joint supplements in the past, but none of them compare to Equine Omega Complete.  After only a couple weeks of use I could tell a difference!  Not only does he move better, but his hoof and hair quality have also improved. Out with the old and in with Equine Omega Complete!  He owes it and I plan to continue to use because it has improved his quality of life. I definitely recommend your product to anyone who asks about an all around supplement. Thank You.” Kim Jasinski

“Ok, I’m loving this product!!! To be honest I was in doubt at first but my horse is thriving on the Mega Gain! She is filling out faster than I’ve ever seen! I feed the Equine Omega Complete to my barrel horse who is 13 and I haven’t seen her move like that in years! I do plan on buying more of this in the near future! Everyone should know about it!” Emily Morelock

“I have had great results with my quarter horse gelding on Equine Omega Complete! He has always been nervous and since I’ve had him on this oil, his whole demeanor is better and he’s more relaxed! I now have more fun showing him and his coat is gorgeous. Thanks so much for such a wonderful product!” Mel

“Loving what I am seeing with the Equine Omega Complete!! Thought I would share these photos after being on your product only a couple of weeks, amazing! He is on a stripped down diet of grass hay and senior feed as I am trying to keep his growth rate under control. I believe you have a customer for life! Thanks again!” Kathy Snodgrass

“Lindy is a 3 yr old gelding that came to us in April of this year. We decide to try Equine Mega Gain. He received 2 gallons of the Equine Mega Gain and now is maintained on the Equine Omega Complete. After his success all our show horses are on the Equine Omega Complete!” Lynne Puthoff

“I cannot begin to convey to you how pleased I am with this product when we brought Tate home he had long and kind of nasty hair and within 30 days he was shed and slick and has remained that way. One of the horses in the barn had feet that you could not put a shoe on we were using glue on shoes. I’m very happy to say that the only supplement she got is the Equine Omega Complete, she’s got shoes on and they’re holding. As a nurse I know the value of Omega’s in the human diet I use them myself but what this product has done for my show horses has been extraordinary! My dogs like to lick the feed buckets and try and get any little more so out and I have actually seen a difference in my arthritic Springer spaniel! I am not a big name in the equine world but this product makes my horses look like they are.” Leslie Reinhart

“My Quarter Horse, Zippos Gold Futures has been showing since the age of 2 has won numerous Championships has been all over the United States competing and showing. I purchased Bob at the age of 12. Bob had been on Equine Omega Complete at Nancy Renfro Performance Horses barn. The vet and I were a little concerned about his pre purchase exam due to the heavy showing and hauling. Bob had NO arthritis, NO changes he was and is completely sound. Bob will be 20 in February he has taken me to the Select World in 2015 and is now semi retired. He still works 100% for me if I ask him too. I see no slowing down for this boy. Thank you Equine Omega Complete for making such an amazing product!!” Shelley Robertson

“I have to tell you, my mare got body clipped for the first time in 4 years yesterday. She’s been on Equine Omega Complete for about 1.5 years. Her coat, even after the clip looks absolutely amazing and so shiny. She’s a dark bay and we left her legs unclipped, you can barely see a difference in the color or shine. This product is the reason why! In addition to her gorgeous coat, she also doesn’t have ulcer problems anymore! It’s also improved her soundness tremendously. Amazing product!” Erin Gilligan

“My senior gelding looks wonderful and placed #6 in the world for AQHA in halter last year in his division competing against much younger horses. The people who just ordered in my barn were shocked at the different it made for a rope horse that came to the barn malnourished and is now chubby, sassy, and super shiny in about 2 months.” Lindsey Blaine

“I used the sweat and it worked!! I’ve now switched to the Equine Omega Complete as maintenance and my horse looks and feels amazing. I’m utterly and completely amazed at the product and the results. It’s def worth the money!” Ashley Glenn

“My horse was a non-sweater. We live in Louisiana and summer is beastly for him. I tried 1 AC, Let’m sweat, Chinese herbs, Equiwinner patches, beer and coffee for 2 summers. NOTHING HAPPENED. Everybody said to get rid of him. I love my horse and would spend weeks every day hosing him down 2 to 3 times a day. His previous owner called us and told us about Equine Mega Sweat and Equine Omega Complete. I called the reps and they were very helpful, we decided to start on the Equine Omega Complete in April before the real heat gets to LA. Everyday I’d go to the barn scared to see him flaring and hot and it never happened!!! He came back to sweating!! This product saved my horses life and allows me to keep him here. It is worth every penny. I will keep him on it forever. I wish you the best of luck and encourage you to try it it’s a lifesaver.‬” Polly Garbarino Ritter

“I’ve been using Equine Omega Complete for just over a year now and my 18 year old Warmblood looks better than ever!! His coat is super shiny, excellent hoof growth and putting on top line muscle!! Will never go a day without it. Here he is freshly clipped!” Wendy DeDonato

“I just started using this and I can already see the difference. I have a 7 year old black purebred Arabian rescue and a 3 year old palomino Morgan and I was spending a fortune on supplements and not totally happy. They now look amazing. Their body shape is changing and there coats feel and look ridiculously amazing. My Arabian’s feet were a mess and between my farrier and this supplement this is the first time that his feet are staying beautiful. Try it you will love it. The staff are amazing and helped me so much!” Brenda Couture‬

‪“You bet. We have all our clients on it after using on our sale and project Horses. Amazing help with conditioning and actually has calmed all of the hotter ones.” Barbara T Catrillo

“My daughters show horse Cali is an amazing horse. Her temperament makes her perfect for a youth rider. Her downfall was always hauling, she doesn’t outwardly stress but she would lose a ton of weight with any major haul. We tried everything to get her to maintain her body weight traveling to no avail, it got to the point we would have to have her a bit overweight prior to a big haul just so when she unloaded she wouldn’t look like we starved her! Then I was told about Equine Omega Complete and have never been happier with the results! Her coat is amazing her health is fantastic, and the biggest plus is not putting her health in jeopardy prior to a big show with extra feed! Her first long haul after starting Equine Omega Complete was the AJPHA world show. We bumped up her dose of EOC as per instructions and when we unloaded her 24 hours later, she still looked amazing, just like we went for a ride around the block. Now we have everyone in my barn on it! I always recommend this product to everyone I talk to!” Leslie Donelson

“Serious Ice Te /Lipton has been using your product Equine Omega Complete for quite some time now (2 years). People are always complimenting how beautiful Lipton’s coat is and how it shines, many times assuming that we use special products to make it shine as it does. One person thought that he’d been clipped because his winter coat was so beautiful. The other day 3 different men approached his stall and commented on what a beautiful, well-conditioned horse he appeared to be. We believe that Equine Omega Complete contributes greatly to his overall health and wellbeing. Lipton underwent surgery last year to remove an obstruction. His recovery went remarkably well. The equine vets were amazed at how fast he recovered and how well his skin healed. We attribute his impressive recovery to your product. As an added anecdote, the barn dogs can’t wait for Lipton to get his daily dose of Equine Omega Complete because they love to lick the empty cup!” Gail & Ken Bochenek

“We use Equine Omega Complete on all our horses at Gut Jaidhof-Performance Horses and it really makes a difference in our nutritional program. The horses look and feel fantastic. You will see the difference.”  Cathrin Gutmann

“Almost two years ago I started my gelding, Jesse on Equine Omega Complete. After just two weeks of being on it I noticed a huge difference! After a month of being on it even my farrier noticed that Jesse’s hooves were looking a lot better and not as soft, he also noticed Jesse was a lot easier to work with. In 2010 Jesse had a really bad accident and since then he had not been able to stay sound and a lot of times needed butte just to have his feet done. Two months after starting Equine Omega Complete, he was sound! It’s hard to believe but for the last two years my gelding has been sound enough for me to even show him again! Also, he is usually a very hard keeper and within six months of just being on Equine Omega Complete, he looks amazing! When I got my new reining mare, I put her on it too and noticed that her dapples came out and her coat looked incredible. I also noticed that her anxiety had improved after a month of being on it! So happy with this product and will continue to use it on both my horses!!!”  Theresa Nelson

“I purchased an OTTB in May of 2014 to be my new horse. He was very under-weight and lacked some serious muscle! I went in search of a cool way for him to gain needed weight as I didn’t want him to get empty/hot calories but good healthy calories. I started with coconut oil but like me he didn’t like it. I came across O3 Animal Health and read about Equine Mega Gain supplement and immediately made a purchase. I received the supplement very quickly and started him on it that day! Dutch steadily gained throughout the first month and well after that. I have not had a single issue with keeping weight on him since my initial dosing. He has stayed fit and in perfect weight since. It is now time to put him on the Equine Omega Complete as he will be going the big shows this year! I refer all people whom struggle with putting weight on their horses to this product! It is magic for an OTTB! Thank you!” Natalie Davidson

“Good morning! I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I absolutely love this product. I’ve owned my horse for almost 5 years and since day 1 have always tried to supplement his excellent health. He never used to be a picky eater but he slowly stopped eating his supplements from other big brands and I was beginning to waste money. I actually won two gallons from a silent auction raffle and decided to try it on him for those two months, and he LOVED it. He hasn’t licked his food bowl clean in years. Since the four months he’s been on it he feels great when riding and jumping, his mood has improved, his coat is almost a mirror (with little brushing) and his tail is the most amazing part. Before he didn’t have much tail growth at the top and most people though he rubbed it out but it just didn’t grow. Since having him in Equine Omega Complete his tail has literally turned 180 degrees and is 100% fuller at the top! I can’t get over how amazing and affordable this product is and it’s nice to support a local company. Thank you again such an outstanding product. I can’t stop raving about it.” Jessa Revuelta

“Started using Equine Mega Gain on my 7-year old Warmblood mare to help her gain weight. We started seeing results within days – it has helped her gain and keep the weight, her coat looks amazing, and I think it helped her tummy. Will definitely continue using and am going to try on our other horses. Here is a picture of Roxie. When I got her in May 2016, she was very thin, stressed, and could hardly be ridden. Now she has filled out really nicely, her coat looks fantastic, and she’s really mellowed out. We are practicing for her first dressage show in March at 2nd level. Started her on the Mega Gain and Equine Omega Complete this fall and really are noticing some big changes now!” Laura Andrews

“Good Morning Kathleen, I am writing you to tell you the story of a mare a recently purchased. This mare, suffers from Cellulitis.  When I first got her, her back right leg was HUGE and would go down slightly with work/turn out but not completely go away.  I brought her home on Feb. 22, 2017 and started her immediately on Equine Omega Complete.  The results I am seeing are amazing with this mare.  She has absolutely NO swelling in her leg after being on the oil for two months now.  She will never come off the oil and you have a lifelong believer in me, and the results I am seeing. THANK YOU!!!” Katie Rickett

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