Anhidrosis Support

equine mega sweat

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Tessa E. 
“The Mega Sweat product is incredible. Last summer was a nightmare, I am in Arizona and this summer has been hotter but because of the Equine Mega Sweat, my gelding is sweating well and totally comfortable. I can’t thank you enough!”


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Anhidrosis Support
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High Natural Vitamin E 
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Regulates Inflammatory Response 
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Promotes Post-Exercise Recovery
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Insulin Regulation and Metabolic Support


Active Ingredients per 4 fl oz

Omega-3           11.2 g

Omega-6           47.6 g

Omega-9           20.6 g

Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 1.0 g

Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 1.5 g

VItamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) 15,000 IU

Inactive Ingredients

USDA certified organic soybean oil

Wild caught fish oil

Product Details

Equine Mega Sweat is intended for short term use in horses that are not sweating normally. Research has shown that when sweating, cells within the sweat gland become temporarily flattened. In horses with chronic anhidrosis, this flattening appears to become permanent leading to irreversible cell damage. 

Equine Mega Sweat provides 15,000 IU of absorbable natural d-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E). This antioxidant is known to combat cellular damage. Additionally Mega Sweat provides DHA and EPA omega fats from wild caught fish oil with Omega-6 fatty acids from USDA certified organic soybean oil. These fatty acids are incorporated into the cell lining encouraging optimal operation. 

We recommend that you work in conjunction with your veterinarian when managing a horse with anhidrosis and that you use Mega Sweat in combination with their advice.

Equine Mega Sweat can be combined with Oxy Cleanse. Oxy Cleanse powder is composed of Organic Himalayan sea salt for hydration and Organic Acai berry powder for further antioxidant support. Utilizing Equine Mega Sweat and Oxy Cleanse together may improve results. Click here to learn more about Oxy Cleanse.

Recommended Dosage

Shake product before each use. 1 pump provides 1 fl oz.

Dosing 2 oz per 300 lbs body weight twice daily.  

At suggested dosing you will go through one gallon of Equine Mega Sweat in two weeks. After that, horses should move to the Equine Omega Complete product. 

May be administered once per day or divided across into multiple servings..

Recommended use within one year.

Do you have a money back guarantee for this product? 
No product is 100% effective in the treatment of Anhidrosis. We do not offer a money back guarantee on this product. In our experience, approximately 80% of horses begin to sweat within a three-day period of starting the product. 

Success is also dependent on how long the horse has not been sweating as chronic cases can be challenging to correct. 

We suggest the Equine Mega Sweat product for a period of one gallon, which is approximately a two-week timeframe. If the horse is not sweating normally after this period of time, we suggest you consult with your Veterinarian for further guidance.

Can I combine Equine Mega Sweat with your other products?
Due to the level of Vitamin E in this product we suggest you only combine this product with our Equine Mega Gain if you need additional calories for the horse.

Why do I need to utilize the Equine Omega Complete product after my horse is sweating normally? 
The Complete product works well at maintaining healthy cell function and normal sweating once the horse has completed the initial dose of Equine Mega Sweat. 

What if in the future my horse stops sweating again?
We would suggest you repeat the one-gallon dosing of Equine Mega Sweat and Oxy Cleanse powder again and then at the end of the two-week period, return the Equine Omega Complete product. 

Should Equine Mega Sweat be refrigerated? 
You do not need to refrigerate this product. 

Does Equine Mega Sweat go rancid in the heat?
No. The product does well in both heat and cold conditions. 

How should I store Equine Mega Sweat?
Please store Equine Mega Sweat out of direct sunlight. Please shake before each use.

Is Equine Mega Sweat ok to use with other products or medicines
Because of the high level of Vitamin E in this product, we advise clients to consult with their Veterinarian about combining it with other feeds or supplements. We suggest all owners get their horse’s Vitamin E levels checked annually. We also have a nutritional consultant on staff that you may speak with. 

Will Equine Mega Sweat make my horse hot?
Equine Mega Sweat provides calories from fat. Research has shown that calories from fat generally cause less excitability than calories from carbohydrate sources. Therefore, Equine Mega Sweat should not make your horse hot. 

Is Equine Mega Sweat show safe?
Yes. All our products are all natural and are safe to use in all competitions. 

Is Equine Mega Sweat safe to feed pregnant, lactating mares or breeding stallions?
We would normally suggest that pregnant, lactating mares or breeding stallions utilize our Equine Omega Complete product. We suggest you check with your Veterinarian about the specific level of Vitamin E supplementation necessary for pregnant and lactating mares. 

Becky L.
“Wanted to give you an update on our horse and using Equine Mega Sweat. He has been on it for almost a week and is showing signs of sweating. Yippee!! After two doses we went out to do some groundwork and started to see him sweat a bit. Went out yesterday morning and did more groundwork and we had sweat on the chest and under his mane. Feeling so relieved. Another helpful sign is that his mane and tail have become softer and there are no more flakes (a sign of a non-sweater). This is my 3rd summer with him and I have been doing everything to get rid of the flakes. I am loving the product and so glad I ordered it for him. Thanks!”

Laura F. 
“My 26-year-old (27 next month) has been Anhidrotic for the past couple of years. Other products would get him more comfortable (less hard breathing), but not actually sweating. I’m on the first gallon of Mega Sweat, and nothing happened after the first 72 hours, so I added the Oxy Cleanse, and the other day, he came in from the pasture with dried sweat on his neck, shoulders, and back.”

Tessa E. 
“The Mega Sweat product is incredible. Last summer was a nightmare, I am in Arizona and this summer has been hotter but because of the Equine Mega Sweat, my gelding is sweating well and totally comfortable. I can’t thank you enough!”

Sharon B. 
“We have used the Equine Mega Sweat and it is the only thing that actually helped. Tried many things and worked with our Veterinarian. This horse is now on the Equine Omega Complete product. Doing better every summer. We are headed into our 6th summer. He will probably never be “normal” but as I said better every year.”