Andrea Fappani, NRHA World #1 and 7 Million Dollar Rider, WEG Gold Medalist

o3 animal health ambassadors

We are honored to be the supplement of choice for these outstanding equine professionals.

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John French & Babylon

John French

“With all the stress of traveling to shows around the country at least with Equine Omega Complete I know my horses are getting the best supplement they can get to help them stay healthy and handle that stress.”

John French KPF, 2022-23 WCHR Professional Challenge winner

Darragh Kenny and Volnay Du Boisdevilley

Darragh Kenny

“I have been using Equine Omega Complete for some time now and the results are incredible. We started with my horses and now the entire barn is using it. Our clients are very pleased with the results of this complete product. Horses have shinier coats, stronger hooves and are healthier overall. You can see results as early as the first month, and horses love the product. I would recommend Equine Omega Complete to everyone involved in the top sport.”

Darragh Kenny, Olympian, Oakland Ventures LLC

Nick Haness & Estimated Prophet

Nick Haness

“Equine Omega Complete has completely improved the overall health and physical condition of our horses. We specialize in importing Warmbloods from Europe who sometimes have a harder time developing muscle, putting on weight and looking like the quality show horses we expect them to be. With Equine Omega Complete, not only did we notice the horses quickly gaining weight, but their coats and muscle tone blossomed in what seemed like overnight. We are thrilled to have found a product that will help keep our horses healthy, shiny, and beautiful.”

Nick Haness – Hunterbrook Farms 2022-’23 Leading WCHR Professional

Avery Glynn & Opportunity Mars copy

Avery Glynn

“I have been using Equine Omega Complete for over 7 years. I initially chose the product because I wanted my horses to have better coats. I have since found that is only one of the many benefits of the product. My farrier recommends it to his clients to help with hoof growth as well as supporting and maintaining the hoof wall. In addition, Equine Omega Complete supports my horse’s joint and gut health and is a cool source of calories. I could go on and on…  I love this product.”

Avery Glynn, Top Junior Rider



Catherine Haddad

“I am very impressed with the Equine Omega Vitamin E oil we add to our horse’s feed.  Top international dressage requires sustained energy production 5-6 days per week, support for active athletes in muscle recovery and rehydration, and healthy coat and tissue support under the duress of travel and heavy sweating conditions.  Equine Omega Vitamin E is the first Vitamin E supplement that supports my horses in all these areas. I have never had healthier, shinier, fitter horses in my stable and that includes the top horses that travel the world with me.  Kudos to O3 Animal Health in developing this line of highly absorbable and effective products!”

Catherine Haddad, Olympian



Andrea Fappani

“All of the horses we have in training are high level athletes. We invest a lot into their health and well-being as that is at the foundation of their performance. O3 Animal Health’s Complete and Vitamin E products work very well for our program, and their support of our belief in the best management of our horses.”

Andrea Fappani, NRHA World #1 and 7 Million Dollar Rider, WEG Gold Medalist


Jason Vanlandingham

“We’ve been using Equine Omega Complete for several years now and consistently see the benefits in the physical condition of our horses.  Not only are they looking good, but they are also continuing to stay focused and quiet. I am told all the time that my horses look great, and everyone wants to know what I do differently. We take really good care of our horses and feed them well, but so does everyone else.  Equine Omega Complete is the difference. We are proudly endorsing and feeding Equine Omega Complete.”

Jason Vanlandingham, NRHA Two Million Dollar Rider

Matt Mills

Matt Mills

“Over my professional career I’ve only run across a handful of products that I’ve fed to my horses that made a difference I could not only see but feel. I consider Equine Omega Complete and Equine Omega Vitamin E to be a major key to my horses physically performing their best.  The customer service that they exhibit truly shows their concern for my horse’s overall health and well-being.”

Matt Mills, NRHA Million Dollar Rider, WEG Gold Medalist


Franco Bertolani

“We’ve been using Equine Omega Complete on our top competition horses and the results have been great. We are experiencing faster recovery, better focus, and less stiffness during warm up. The horses’ feet have improved, their coats are beautiful and best of all they love the product. We are excited to be able to feed a complete supplement that is all natural, easy to use and has such outstanding results. We have all our top competition horses on Equine Omega Complete and are proud to endorse it.”

Franco Bertolani, NRHA Million Dollar and WEG Team Rider (Brazil)


Craigh Schmersal

“I started using it on my 3 year olds and within 30 days saw a huge difference in their muscle recovery and topline. Their coats developed a deep shine and it also helped maintain their weight without adding too much energy. We here at Schmersal Ranch love Equine Omega Vitamin E, and highly recommend this product for any age horse in any discipline.”

Craig Schmersal,  NRHA Four Million Dollar Rider, WEG Gold Medalist



Dana Hokana

“Equine Omega Complete is a mainstay supplement of my training and breeding program. The Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids transform the health of my horses. I see results in so many areas. My horses have beautiful hair coats, a sure sign of a healthy horse. Adding healthy fat to the diet really lowers the risk of digestive disorders and that is a huge benefit. I have fed many of my horses Equine Omega Complete for years and these horses are showing late into their teens, healthy and enjoying their job. Equine Omega Complete has truly been a game changer for my program.”

Dana Hokana – Trainer of Multiple AQHA Champions