A dense source of cool calories.

equine mega gain

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Natalie B.
“Within a month of using Equine Mega Gain my horse was putting on the pounds and moving better than he has in years. This supplement is everything you say it is.”


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Promotes Overall Wellbeing
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Skin and Coat Health
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Healthy Weight Support
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Natural Calming
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Cool Calories


Active Ingredients per 4 fl oz

Omega-3           7.6 g

Omega-6           51.2 g

Omega-9           22.9 g

Inactive Ingredients

USDA certified organic soybean oil


  • USDA certified organic soybean oil, non-GMO, expeller pressed.
  • Dose: 4 to 8 oz a day.

Product Details

Equine Mega Gain provides a dense source of cool calories from fat for horses needing to gain weight. An excellent replacement of calories from carbohydrates to help keep horses calm, Mega Gain also supports other areas of your horse’s well being including skin, coat, and basic health. A great choice for hard keepers, the USDA-certified organic soybean oil in Mega Gain contains naturally occurring compounds such as lecithin, polyphenols, and antioxidants known to fight against cellular damage. This combination of essential omega fats and natural micronutrients promotes weight maintenance and overall well-being.

Recommended Dosage

Shake product before each use. 1 pump provides 1 fl oz.
For weight gain, administer up to 8 fl oz per day for an average sized 1,100 pound horse.

It is recommended that if administering the maximum dose that it be divided between multiple servings each day.

Recommended use within one year.

What is the difference between Equine Mega Gain and other Omega oils on the market?
Equine Mega Gain is made from USDA Certified Organic soybean oil that is expeller pressed not chemically extracted like a vast majority of other omega oil products on the market. It contains no artificial flavoring or chemical residues.

Should Equine Mega Gain be refrigerated?
You do not need to refrigerate this product.

Does Equine Mega Gain go rancid in the heat?
No. The product does well in both heat and cold conditions.

How should I store Equine Mega Gain?
Please store Equine Mega Gain out of direct sunlight. Please shake before each use.

Is Mega Gain ok to use with other products or medicines?
Yes. Equine Mega Gain is fine to use with all other products and medications. We advise clients to consult with their Veterinarian with any questions. We also have a nutritional consultant on staff that you may speak with.

Can I feed Equine Mega Gain with the other O3 Animal Health products?
Yes! Many customers combine the Mega Gain product with our Complete or Equine Omega Vitamin E products for additional healthy calories.

Will Equine Mega Gain make my horse hot?
Equine Mega Gain provides calories from fat. Research has shown that calories from fat generally cause less excitability than calories from carbohydrate sources. Therefore, Mega Gain should not make your horse hot.

Is Equine Mega Gain show safe?
Yes! All our products are all natural and are safe to use in all competitions.

Is Equine Mega Gain safe to feed pregnant, lactating mares or breeding stallions?
Yes! All our products are safe to use with pregnant and lactating mares or stallions.

Natalie B.
“Within a month of using Equine Mega Gain my horse was putting on the pounds and moving better than he has in years. This supplement is everything you say it is.”

Ella P. 
“I just wanted to say how much I absolutely love your product! I have almost my entire herd on it and I have seen such an improvement in their overall body condition. My jumping horse dropped tons of weight and muscle last spring due to having some time off, and as soon as I started using the Equine Mega Gain I saw a huge improvement in him in just one week. We couldn’t believe it. I have never used such a fast acting supplement. Not only does it help horses gain weight and muscle faster than I’ve ever seen, it makes a huge difference in their overall coat condition. Thank you thank you!! My horses have never looked better! I am a strong believer in your product and plan to continue feeding it for many many years to come.”

Jennifer K. 
“I keep my horse on 2 pumps of the Equine Omega Vitamin E product and 2 pumps a day of the Equine Omega Complete formula full time. We’ve recently moved up in jump height and his joints feel amazing. His coat is shiny, even when freshly body-clipped, and is maintaining his weight. When we traveled across the country to the NSBA World Championships, we added 4 pumps a day of the Equine Mega Gain to assist with keeping his weight up on the road and the added workload of the horse show. I was very pleased with how effective it was. I wouldn’t travel again with the Mega Gain. Thanks!”