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Organic Non-Gmo Cold Pressed
Omega Oil for Horses

For All Horses in All Disciplines. All Oils Sold for the Equine Market are NOT Created Equal.

Equine Omega Complete has 8 United States and International Patents & 13 Patents Pending.

We Have the Absolute Finest Raw Materials, and Preferred Cold Expeller Pressed Processing for our Omega Horse Oils.

No hydrogenated fats, no chemical or heat processing. Our products are organic, non-gmo, made in the USA and all human grade. Our Complete, Vitamin E and Sweat products also contain wild caught fish oil.

Our equine products do much more than simply add weight (if needed) or produce a shiny hair coat. These omega horse products support healthy cell function in the horse. They cleanse the cell membrane. Every cell in the horse’s body is surrounded by fat. Our products provide the healthiest fat possible so that nutrients and waste can get in and out of the cells. This helps the cells of the horse function at an optimum level. This is why our products can help support healthy joints, better gut health, respiratory support, skin health, allergies and more. They support the horse from the cellular level up.

Our omega oil products also supply ample amounts of all natural Vitamin E, critical to your horse’s health.

Join the thousands of satisfied customers.

“I decided to try the Equine Omega Complete due to all of the great reviews and am glad that I did. I’m using it on two of my horses. The first horse is my western pleasure horse. She has had a locking stifle for the past couple years. She has been on this about a month so far and is almost 100% better. Nothing else seemed to work to help her except for this amazing product. The fluidity in her movement is the best it’s been in a very long time. She is finally using herself correctly. I’m just amazed and so happy to have my old horse back!  My other horse is a 16’2 Hunter Under Saddle horse that has had back and SI joint issues and your product has lessened his pain dramatically. His movement is so much more fluid and you can tell he is a lot more comfortable. Thank you for this amazing product!” Brittany Ryan