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equine Omega complete

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“Thank you for making an amazing product! We were using two to three different products on my 7-year-old AQHA gelding and this spring we switched to Equine Omega Complete and have quickly seen a huge difference.”


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Promotes Overall Wellbeing
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Regulates Inflammatory Response 
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Promotes Post-Exercise Recovery
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Gastrointestinal Support
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Immune Support
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Joint Support
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Insulin Regulation and Metabolic Support
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Respiratory and Allergy Support
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Reproductive and Fertility Support
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Regulates Cell Development and Function
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Antioxidant Support


Active Ingredients per 4 fl oz

Omega-3           8.8 g

Omega-6           47.5 g

Omega-9           20.5 g

Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 1.0 g

Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 1.5 g

Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) 1250 IU

Inactive Ingredients

USDA certified organic soybean oil

Wild caught fish oil


  • USDA certified organic soybean oil, non-GMO, expeller pressed.
  • Human grade, deep water, wild caught fish oil.
  • 1,297 IU’s all-natural vitamin E per daily dose of 4 oz.
  • Dose: 4 to 8 oz a day. This is a patented product.

Product Details

This blend of DHA and EPA essential omega fats and natural antioxidants supports inflammatory response, performance recovery, insulin regulation, and weight management, while also ensuring strong feet and a radiant coat. Equine Omega Complete is a unique blend of USDA certified organic soybean oil, wild caught fish oil and all natural Vitamin E. Unlike chemically extracted soybean oil, our oil is mechanically pressed to preserve naturally occurring compounds such as lecithin, polyphenols and antioxidants.

Recommended Dosage

Shake product before each use. 1 pump provides 1 fl oz.

For horses in moderate to heavy work,  administer 2 oz per 300 lbs body weight for 2 to 4 weeks.

For horses at maintenance and light work, administer 1 fl oz per 300 lbs body weight.

For immune support (when traveling, allergies etc), administer 2 fl oz per 300 lbs body weight.

Contact us for help dosing for specific conditions 

Recommended daily dose may be administered once per day or divided into multiple servings.

Recommended use within one year.

Does every horse need Equine Omega Complete?
If your horse either has no access to pasture or their pasture diet needs to be supported by hay to maintain their condition, it is very likely that they are not consuming enough omega fatty acids and vitamin E to meet their needs. While quality pasture is a potent source of both omega fats and vitamin E, hay is not. Therefore, horses on limited pasture and or hay based diets will benefit from Equine Omega Complete.

What is the difference between Equine Omega Complete and other Omega oils on the market?
Many other omega oils on the market either rely solely on plant based sources of omega-3 fat or are predominantly fish oil. Fish oil provides the essential DHA and EPA fats that your horse really needs and that are not present in plant based oil. However, fish oil is not very palatable. By mixing it with soybean oil, palatability is not an issue. Additionally, soybean oil not only provides essential omega-6 fatty acids but because our soybean oil is expeller pressed, it still contains all the important and healthful compounds such as lecithin, polyphenols and other antioxidants. Because the soy we use is USDA Certified Organic, it does not contain any harmful chemical residues. Our patented blend therefore provides your horse with the best of both worlds.

While other omega oils may state that they are high in vitamin E, this vitamin E is typically the naturally occurring tocopherol coming from the plant oil. Our soy oil provides these too, and while these are of course beneficial, we understand that the amount of vitamin E naturally provided by plant oils is inconsequential when compared to the amount your horse needs every day. For that reason, we have added enough all natural alpha-tocopherol to Equine Omega Complete to meet most horse’s vitamin E needs. 

I’ve heard that Flax and Camelina oils have a good Omega 3 ratio. Why would I choose Equine Omega Complete?
The most critical difference in Equine Omega Complete as compared to most other omega fat supplements is the inclusion of fish oil as part of our patented formula. Fish oil provides a direct source of EPA and DHA which are the omega-3 fats that your horse ultimately needs.

Plant derived omega-3s, such as those from flax or camelina oil must be converted to EPA and DHA by the horse in a process that is not 100% efficient. Providing EPA and DHA directly gives you peace of mind that your horse is actually getting what he needs . Feeding EPA and DHA guarantees that your horse receives the researched benefits that these fats have on joint health, hair coat, immune function, gut health, allergy support and much more. 

I currently feed Platinum Performance. Do I need to feed Equine Omega Complete?
Equine Omega Complete is considerably different from the Platinum Performance product. Many people choose to feed them together. Platinum Performance contains vitamins and minerals while Equine Omega Complete does not. Our product uses a different plant source for Omega support than Platinum. We choose USDA Certified Organic soy as our plant source as it is very stable and contains lecithin and valuable polyphenols. Equine Omega Complete contains almost twice the level of all natural Vitamin E than the Platinum product. 

I feed a variety of other products. Is there someone who can help me with a comparison or advice on things I might be able to eliminate?
Yes! We have a nutritional consultant on staff who can take your email or phone call for product comparisons and additional information.

Should Equine Omega Complete be refrigerated? 
You do not need to refrigerate this product. 

Does Equine Omega Complete go rancid in the heat?
No. The product does well in both heat and cold conditions. 

How should I store Equine Omega Complete?
Please store Equine Omega Complete out of direct sunlight. Please shake before each use.

Is Omega Complete ok to use with other products or medicines?
Yes. Equine Omega Complete is fine to use with all other products and medications. However, it is generally recommended that the total IU of vitamin E in the horse’s diet be kept to no more than 10,000 IU. We advise clients to consult with their Veterinarian with any questions. We also have a nutritional consultant on staff that you may speak with. 

Can I feed Equine Omega Complete with the other O3 Animal Health products?
Yes! Many customers combine the Complete product with our Equine Mega Gain or Equine Omega Vitamin E products for additional healthy calories or additional Vitamin E.

Will Equine Omega Complete make my horse hot?
Equine Omega Complete provides calories from fat. Research has shown that calories from fat generally cause less excitability than calories from carbohydrate sources. Therefore, Omega Complete should not make your horse hot. 

Is Equine Omega Complete show safe?
Yes! All our products are all natural and are safe to use in all competitions. 

Is Equine Omega Complete safe to feed pregnant, lactating mares or breeding stallions?
Yes! All our products are safe to use with pregnant and lactating mares or stallions. Research has shown that supplementing breeding stallions with DHA may improve sperm motility especially in stallions that have moderate to poor freeze thaw quality. In mares, improved fertility may be seen when supplemented with omega-3 fats for 60 days before breeding. In other species DHA and EPA are vital for fetal brain development and may improve colostrum quality. 

Lisa H.
“I’ve been using Equine Omega Complete for years and I will never take my horse off it! I’ve used it on every horse I’ve owned for close to 10 years now!!! I’ve fed it to Lyme horses, horses with digestive issues, horses with poor body coat and skin condition, I’ve used it on horses with arthritis, and horses with lameness! It truly is liquid gold!” 

Karen P.
“I put my horse on Equine Omega Complete in the spring and I’m telling you not one hives or swollen fly bite period. I’m so amazed my horse would be completely covered with swelling fly bites NOT ONE this year she is no longer scratching herself raw. I’m amazed, I wish I would have found this product years ago. She will live out her days on the Complete product. It is just AMAZING. Thank you, O3 Animal Health.”

Jenny W.
“I purchased a 20-year-old Thoroughbred gelding and started him on Equine Omega Complete almost 3 months ago. For reference, he is ridden a couple times a week and jumps small courses in our weekly lesson. He was healthy and sound, just lacking that something “extra”. The biggest change I have noticed is hair growth, he has a lot of new hair coming in on both his mane and tail. I would say they are nearly twice as thick where the new growth is coming in. The barn has also been able to reduce the amount of feed he is on, and he is maintaining good body condition. I am interested to see how his hooves improve as they grow out. I plan to keep him on this supplement to support him. I buy my product directly from your company and shipping is always fast. Thank you!”

Tonya S.
“My horse’s hooves are what I’m amazed by when using Equine Omega Complete. My horse has jumped from the 3rd to the 2nd division improving a half a second. Recovery is amazing with this product! I am finding that zero maintenance is needed when using this product.  It really works wonders with high competition barrel horses. I’m very pleased.”

Marcia D.
“I have had my horses on Equine Omega Complete for years. Results are exactly what you say. Both horses are 14 years old. and look and perform half their age. One is a mare and one is a gelding and he is still earning championships and reserves at Quarter Horse shows. Many friends use Equine Omega Complete because they see results in our horses. Thank you!.”

Jennifer K.
“O3 Animal Health is an extremely important part of my horse’s health plan. We compete in the hunters and over fences classes. My horse gets two pumps of Equine Omega Complete and two pumps of Equine Omega Vitamin E every day. This product is extremely easy for horses to absorb and gives them what they need that they do not get in their normal diet. His hair coat and muscle tone have improved. One of my favorite things about this company is that they have a nutritional consultant free of charge. She helped me build a plan with my vet and I am so thrilled with the success we have seen.”.

“Thank you for making an amazing product! We were using two to three different products on my 7-year-old AQHA gelding and this spring we switched to Equine Omega Complete and have quickly seen a huge difference.”

Verena M. 
“More even tempered and no colic episodes — shiny healthy coats and just generally better disposition and well-being. I would not go without it. My one horse has Cushing‘s and Equine Omega Complete has especially helped him keep his coat normal and shiny – just a great product in my opinion and the only product I‘ve ever used that I actually see improvements on my horses.”

Brenda D. 
“This stuff works!! Been using 2 1/2 months. My horse’s welts and inflammation are better! 25 y/o rescue’s arthritis is better, her weight has increased, and she has a spring in her step! My 5 y/o seems calmer and a lot more focused! My buckskin isn’t showing ribs as she always has! And, of course they all shine like new pennies despite needing baths! I am SOLD on this product!”