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Anhidrosis Study and Vitamin E
Antioxidant Supplementation for the Exercising Horse
Antioxidants and Your Horse
Neuromuscular Disease and Vitamin E
Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplementation in the Horse
Omega 3 Fatty Acids - Consider The Source
Fat As An Energy Source
Flax Oil
Soy Safety Depends on the Source
Vitamin E Natural vs Synthetic Forms
The Skinny of Feeding Fat to Horses
Why Fat - Benefits of Fat Supplementation for Horses

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“I’ve been using Equine Omega Complete for right at two years now. Since then I haven’t spent one moment contemplating switching supplements. It’s complete, it’s easy, it’s palatable and it works! These yearlings aren’t getting fed anything fancy besides Equine Omega Complete. Some oats and grass hay/alfalfa mix.  Tongue and cheek I call it my groom in a bottle…. but it’s the truth. This is their hair coat. Also, my farrier, who has no idea what I feed, comments all the time how good their feet look!  I couldn’t be happier with a product!  The horses health shines right through from inside out!” Heidi DeJong

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