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Catherine Haddad

“The Omega Vitamin E from O3 Animal Health is the only supplement I used on my top dressage horses during the winter season in Florida.  The improvement in sheen and vibrance in my horses’ coats could be seen in just few days, with improvement in muscle recovery time coming soon after.  While I was already feeding a well-balanced, organically sourced feeds, my veterinary team recommended additional Vitamin E and Omega 3 and Omega 6 balancers for the horses that were in hard work. This product gets all thumbs up after a month of use!  The oil is easy to administer and the horses I offered it to were happy to finish every last drop.  I can’t recommend a better source of bioavailable Vitamin E for your horse!” Catherine Haddad

John French

“I just wanted to let you know how much I love the product. When I came home after being away for a few weeks, one horse that was getting the product looks absolutely amazing!! He has a top line now and his coat is starting to look beautiful again. He looks like a different horse! I am so happy with the results.”John French – Waldenbrook Farm

Darragh Kenny

“We have been using Equine Omega Complete for sometime now and the results are incredible! We started with my horses and now the entire barn is using it. Clients are very pleased with the results of such a complete product. Horses have shiny coats, stronger hooves and are healthier overall. You can see results as early as the first month and horses love the product! I would definitely recommend Equine Omega Complete to everyone involved in the top sport.” Oakland Ventures LLC – Darragh Kenny

Nick Haness

“Equine Omega Complete has completely improved the overall health and physical conditions of our horses. We specialize in importing Warmbloods from Europe who sometimes have a harder time developing muscle, putting on weight and looking like the quality show horses we expect them to be. With Equine Omega Complete, not only did we notice the horses quickly gaining weight, but their coats and muscle tone blossomed in what seemed like over night. We are thrilled to have found a product that will help keep our horses healthy, shiny, and beautiful.” Nick Haness – Hunterbrook Farms

Uma O'Neill

“All of our horses are on Equine Mega Basic, and they do so well on it. Their coats look shiny, and they hold their weight well, even when traveling. It’s great for their overall health, with organic ingredients. We are extremely happy with the product!” Uma O’Neill –O’Neill Show Jumping

Hope Glynn

“After using Omega supplements for my own health with great results I was excited to find a quality product to use on my horses. Joint health, gut health and a shiny coat are just some of the added benefits I have experienced while adding Equine Omega Complete to my horses diet. After using it on five or six select horses for a period of six months, I am putting all 50 horses in my barn on it. It’s that good. Don’t be fooled, quality is the key to results when using omega products.” Hope Glynn – Sonoma Valley Stables

Andrea Fappani

“I was curious about Equine Omega Complete and Equine Omega Vitamin E, as I had some horses that I had a hard time getting their body and coats to look good. I tried it on a horse I was struggling with and after about 30 days on Equine Omega Complete I started to see a difference. Now, 3 months later I couldn’t be happier with the results. My horses are athletes and some have different needs than others. Equine Omega Complete and Equine Omega Vitamin E have helped me get my horses healthy from the inside out. I work hard, my horses work harder; having them healthy from the inside out gives me the confidence I need when I need that extra bit from them in the show pen.” NRHA 5 Million Dollar Rider – Andrea Fappani – Fappani Performance Horses

Franco Bertolani

“We’ve been using Equine Omega Complete on our top competition horses and the results have been great! So far we are noticing faster recovery, better focus and less stiffness in warm up. The horses feet have improved, their hair coats are beautiful and best of all they love the product! We are excited to be able to feed a complete supplement that is all natural, easy to use and has such outstanding results. We have all our top competition horses on Equine Omega Complete and are proud to endorse it.”Franco Bertolani

Jason Vanlandingham

“We’ve been using Equine Omega Complete for over a year and are able to see the benefits in the physical condition of our horses.  Not only are they looking good, they are continuing to stay focused and quiet. We are proudly endorsing and feeding Equine Omega Complete. I get told all the time that my horses look great and everyone wants to know what I do different. We take really good care of our horses and feed them really well, but so does everyone else.  Equine Omega Complete is the difference.”

Jason Vanlandingham

Dana Hokana

“I am so excited about Equine Omega Complete. I have an amazing testimony to share about this amazing product! Two weeks ago Poison Rain and Brynn Campbell won the NSBA world in youth trail. Poison Rain or “Isaac” came to us the end of October, 2015. At that time Issac was on a daily anti inflammatory as well as on monthly allergy shots.  Without the shots he would break out into horrible weeping hives all over his body! He was also cranky at times and resistant. Well, we got him and put him right away on Equine Omega Complete. As time went on, we were able to take him off the allergy shots and the daily anti-inflammatory medicine! He is sound and absolutely beautiful to watch moving! He has absolutely no hives, and as happy and willing as we could ask for. I am thrilled with his coat and condition and just feel that Equine Omega Complete has helped his body to become so in balance. Thank you for this wonderful product!” Dana Hokana

Jared Sheldon

“I have been giving my high goal string Equine Omega Complete for almost a year now and the results have been amazing. I love that the products do NOT make the horses hot, while providing them with everything they need to be in top form.  My string has never looked this good, and I consistently have people asking me what I feed them.  I recommended the product to a friend whose horse was having hoof issues and within 3 weeks of giving Equine Omega Complete she saw noticeable improvement. I’m proud to recommend Equine Omega Complete not only because their coats and hooves shine, but how they perform on the field as well.” Jared Sheldon

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“We have several horses in a full time training and showing atmosphere and need ulcer preventatives as well as overall joint, coat and hoof care. Since using Equine Omega Complete I have seen a drastic improvement in the ulcer symptomatic horses, they have never been happier. Not only do they feel good, they also are looking great, my show horses coats look fantastic. Equine Omega Complete is also a very convenient, all in one feed through supplement that makes graining time at our busy barn a breeze.” Wheeler Performance Horses