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“We started our Stallion, Too Sleepy To Zip on Equine Omega Complete after talking to Pete Fulgham, the owner of the Company a few years back.  We have never been big believers in supplements.  He told us this one supplement would help joints, semen, hair, etc. We laughed and said we would give it a try, not believing much of what he said.  Well after the first month, Ernie was much more comfortable loping around his pasture.  He also had a shine like a show horse.  We kept Ernie on the product and discovered another benefit as well. Equine Omega Complete enhances reproductive function in both stallions and mares. Adding it to the diet of breeding stallions can increase daily sperm output, the percentage of morphologically normal sperm and sperm motility. We keep our boys and our occasional show horse on Equine Omega Complete and have continued to be thrilled with the results. Great product and has made us believers in this supplement!” Shelley Donovan

"I have personally tried many of the popular, widely used horse supplements. With many of them I saw no results! But I have NEVER seen as dramatic results as I have with Equine Omega Complete! My show horse’s coats look better than they ever have. Their colors are richer and more beautiful than I have ever seen them. My 21-year-old stallion’s fertility rate went from 90% to 100% this year. And we bred and shipped to some difficult mares this year. I am thrilled with the product and encourage every horse owner who loves their horse like we do to put their horse on this great product!"

Dana Hokana

“After using Equine Omega Complete and Equine Mega Gain for over a year now, we can't begin to express how amazing our horses look, feel, behave and compete.  We strive to give our horses the best nutrition and keep their stomach, foregut and hindgut happy... especially while showing.  Our stallion, Jus d'O had a very successful and long year showing (finishing 2015 as the USEF National Grand Green Hunter Champion) and I know that Equine Omega Complete helped keep him healthy and happy! I believe that a lot of credit goes to these fabulous products!”

Brandon and Jocelyn Gibson

Select Sport Horses

“I have been a big believer in supplementing both myself and animals with healthy fats for improved performance and coat condition for several years now. I've have tried most of what's available - Flax, rice bran, various oils, and combination powders with mixed and varying results. In my increased awareness of keeping feeding programs as simple, and as least processed as possible, I came across Equine Omega Gain. I have had my 18 year old Hanoverian stallion, Cabalito, on it for over 4 months now and at the height of his busy breeding and show season, he looks spectacular! When he recently returned to the show ring competing in the National Hunter Derbies after several years off, people could not stop telling me how amazing he looked. The combination of great farrier and vet care, lots of turnout, high quality feed, and the addition of Equine Omega Gain, he has just bloomed - his "spring dapples" have lasted 3 months! I am now a believer in this product!” Anne Hedge -

Whitehedge Farm

“We have seen dramatic improvement in body condition, hair coats and overall appearance after using Equine Omega Complete.  All of our breeding stallions are on the program and all the benefits are hard to list.  Thanks again for all that you do and for such an amazing product!” Amy Gumz – Gumz Farms

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