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“We’ve put all of our horses on the Equine Omega Complete after Rosevelt’s general condition improved after being on the product for one month. My horses are glossy, they seem to sweat better, recover quicker after workouts, and have a glow about them that some in the past have been unable to maintain in the fall after traveling to Florida. I have a couple of older gentlemen in our barn that definitely seem less arthritic and their coats have never looked better!! It is very easy to feed and extremely palatable. I like simple solutions and Equine Omega Complete is definitely one for feeding top performance horses. They all really look great!! One of our older horses looks and feels so good! We are happy that he has the energy!!”  Allison Brock

“It hasn’t been that long and my horses are all starting to look really good. The grain that I have be feeding my horses for the past 8 years has been discontinued and I have been struggling to find a new feed that would make my horses look as good as they used to. We started out with some horses on the O3 Animal Health products and after only one month they were all looking really good and shiny. We switched the rest of our competition horses to the product and they all seem to feel better and they look great. We have a 19 year old dressage horse in the barn and I haven’t seen him look this good in years. He is moving better too!!! We have cut back on a lot of our regular supplements as the Equine Omega Complete covers most of the horses needs. I am thrilled with the products and my horses all look fantastic!"

Mikala Munter Gundersen

“We started using Equine Omega Complete on all our competition horses right after we traveled back from Europe last summer. Traveling with our horses back and forth each summer is always a challenge, and maintaining their good health and condition a concern. These top competition horses are exposed to stress and big changes, and we still need them in best condition to perform at their highest level. This year, while use the Equine Omega Complete supplement, we saw a faster and better recovery after our show tour without a doubt. Providing our horses with a strong immune system and a well-balanced product, as Equine Omega Complete is, has helped them feel better, recover any weight loss faster, and their hair coats are beautifully shinny.  In addition, we were able to keep the horses in great condition even during their resting time after the show season. It feels so good to know that we are providing our horses the good stuff that they deserve! Thank you O3 Animal Health for making such an outstanding product. All our competition horses are now on Equine Omega Complete!" Juan Matute Guimon

Kasey Perry-Glass, one of the leading international Dressage riders in the world, signs with O3 Animal Health, makers of Equine Omega Complete as her official supplement sponsor.


All Kasey’s horses receive Equine Omega Complete everyday. “Dublet looks and feels great!”, says Kasey Perry Glass. Equine Omega Complete is incredibly excited to be a part of their healthy journey in hopes of competing on the 2016 USA Olympic team.



What is the difference in Equine Omega Complete and other soy oils available on the market?


Equine Omega Complete is not just another Omega 3 supplement. Our supplement is a patented formulation that gives an optimum balance of Omega 3 with Omega 6 and Omega 9. Equine Omega Complete soy oil is expeller extracted instead of chemically extracted, like the vast majority of all other soy oils on the market.



How do I feed my horse Equine Omega Complete and what is the serving size?


The maintenance ‎dose of Equine Omega Complete for an average horse is 4 ounces daily. We recommend a loading dose for 4 weeks at 4 ounces twice daily.  It is dispensed directly onto feed. If you feed twice daily, split serving. If you are feeding to a performance horse, you may also use a loading dosage. Serving size can be increased for horses with specific needs

or problems.

“Equine Omega Complete has completely improved the overall health and psychical conditions of our horses. We specialize in importing Warmbloods from Europe who sometimes have a harder time developing muscle, putting on weight and looking like the quality show horses we expect them to be. With Equine Omega Complete, not only did we notice the horses quickly gaining weight, but their coats and muscle tone blossomed in what seemed like over night. We are thrilled to have found a product that will help keep our horses healthy, shiny, and beautiful.”

Nick Haness – Hunterbrook Farms

"After using Omega supplements for my own health with great results I was excited to find a quality product to use on my horses. Joint health, gut health and a shiny coat are just some of the added benefits I have experienced while adding Equine Omega Complete to my horses diet. After using it on five or six select horses for a period of six months, I am putting all 50 horses in my barn on it. It's that good. Don't be fooled, quality is the key to results when using omega products."

Hope Glynn - Sonoma Valley Stables

"Canterbury Farm absolutely loves the results we have seen in our show horses on the Equine Omega Complete and Equine Mega Gain. The product has improved their coats, ability to concentrate, weight gain and overall health noticeably in a short period of time.  We are very excited about this new sponsorship with O3 Animal Health and recommend this product to everyone involved in our sport."

Caitlyn Shiels – Canterbury Farms

“Equine Omega Complete is a great product. All of my horses look great, and even my pickiest eaters like it. I care about the quality of the products I give my horses, so the fact that they use Non-GMO clean ingredients with no chemical processing makes me feel good about what I’m feeding them. Since using Equine Omega Complete, my horses are shiny, they keep weight on even through long horse shows, and the anti inflammatory properties are a huge benefit. I would recommend this product line to anyone looking to give their horses a competitive edge.”

Peter Lombardo - Frontier Farms

Peter Lutz

A top Junior equitation rider under Andre Dignelli, Peter has been happily toiling away as coach and young-horse developer but not quite having a top mount stay in the stable long enough to campaign at the highest levels. At the press conference, he explained that the love he had for horses as a kid is still as strong as it was in his youth and that’s what has kept him in the sport.


With Robin, he has a few new incentives. The 10-year old Selle Français came by way of McLain Ward. The stallion and Peter began their journey in Florida at the start of the year and a solid spring followed. “We’ve been in the jump-off a few times, but now it’s all finally coming together,” Peter said. Coupled with a fourth-placed finish in their first foray into the league, the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping New York 2015 at the American Gold Cup, the 20 points earned in Vegas puts them in the thick of the East rankings.


“This product has excellent joint and anti-inflammatory support, with gut health benefits as well, which we find so important in our high-end jumpers. Their hair coats are healthy and beautiful. We recommend this product to everyone and are proud to endorse it.” Peter Lutz

“We have been using Equine Omega Complete for sometime now and the results are incredible! We started with my horses and now the entire barn is using it. Clients are very pleased with the results of such a complete product. Horses have shiny coats, stronger hooves and are healthier overall. You can see results as early as the first month and horses love the product! I would definitely recommend Equine Omega Complete to everyone involved in the top sport!!!!” Oakland Ventures LLC – Darragh Kenny



Can I Compete on Equine Omega Complete?


Yes. Equine Omega Complete is a completely natural formula. It is recommended that the dosage be doubled a few days prior to competition to enhance respiration and recovery. Equine Omega Complete is accepted by all equine organizations.

“I started using Equine Omega products about three months ago and I couldn't be happier with the results that I've seen so far. I've tried many different supplements and products on horses in our barn, from horses that either had trouble keeping weight on, dull coats, or poor hoof growth, all with little or no success. After using Equine Omega Complete the overall health of the horses has improved tenfold. We live in a very dry climate and in the cold winter months the horse’s manes and tails tend to dry out, their coats get dull and hooves become more brittle. In the last few months as our horses have been using Equine Omega Complete, their coats look shinier & their hooves look stronger than ever. One of our top horses is a hard keeper. He's had ulcers in the past and is a bit high strung. He's spent the last three months on Equine Mega Gain and I couldn't believe the difference in his weight, muscle development, and overall happiness. His attitude has changed, his weight looks better than ever, and he is one happy healthy horse. All of my show horses are now on Equine Omega Complete. Our horses are happier and healthier thanks to these amazing products, and I'm excited to continue to see results heading into the next show season.

Kevin Winkel – Maplewood Stables

"We've only been using Equine Omega Complete for a short period of time and are already able to see the benefits in the physical condition of our horses.  Not only are they looking good, they are continuing to stay focused and quiet. We are proudly endorsing and feeding Equine Omega Complete."

Jason Vanlandingham

“We have just begun to use Equine Omega Complete on several of our top show horses and are loving the results already. The horses are holding their weight better through training and showing, seem happier in their jobs and their hair coats are beautiful. We’ve also noticed less lactic acid build up in muscles, better hoof growth and health and best of all they love it and eat it all! We recommend it to anyone looking for that extra edge in the health and performance of their horses.”

Martin Muehlstaetter

Muehlstaetter Performance Horses

“We’ve been using Equine Omega Complete on our top competition horses and the results have been great! So far we are noticing faster recovery, better focus and less stiffness in warm up. The horses feet have improved, their hair coats are beautiful and best of all they love the product! We are excited to be able to feed a complete supplement that is all natural, easy to use and has such outstanding results. We are putting all our top competition horses on Equine Omega Complete and are proud to endorse it.” Franco Bertolani



Is Equine Omega Complete Better than the other Omega 3 Fish Oils on the Market?



Yes. Equine Omega Complete has approximately 50% more Omega 3 than fish oil alone. Equine Omega Complete has all three chains of Omega 3, where fish oil has only two. In addition, the high unsaturated fat, vitamin E content, and other essential nutrients in Equine Omega Complete greatly enhance the efficiency and absorption of our Omega 3.

"I have been looking for a supplement company that delivers on their promised results for a long time.....tried everything. In only 2 weeks of testing the Equine Omega Complete and the Equine Mega Gain I noticed a better coat, more filled out neck, belly, and hindquarters with no negative mental changes. We have a variety of horses at Southern Pines Riding School; from a 15 hand appendix lesson horse to my upper level Team Weston competition horses, and all of them benefitted greatly from using Equine Omega Complete. With such great results in such a short amount of time, I can't wait to see how amazing our horses look after a few months of feeding Equine Omega Complete!!" Whitney Weston – Whitney Weston Eventing

"I am thrilled to be joining the Equine Omega Complete team, and can't say enough about how great their line of products are. All of my competition horses are on Equine Omega Complete, and I use the Equine Mega Gain on my hard to keep thoroughbreds. Within days, you will see a radical positive change in the horses' coats, and your farrier will forever thank you for the strong growth in their hooves. Read on the website for all of the other great benefits from using this product. I promise, if you try it out, you won't want just one jug!"

Jacob Fletcher

“I have been giving my high goal string Equine Omega Complete for almost a year now and the results have been amazing. I love that the products do NOT make the horses hot, while providing them with everything they need to be in top form.  My string has never looked this good, and I consistently have people asking me what I feed them.  I recommended the product to a friend whose horse was having hoof issues and within 3 weeks of giving Equine Omega Complete she saw noticeable improvement. I’m proud to recommend Equine Omega Complete not only because their coats and hooves shine, but how they perform on the field as well.” Jared Sheldon


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